Mystery revealed: KIA prepares 2 new SUVs

Mystery revealed: KIA prepares 2 new SUVs


A couple of weeks ago, a mysterious cross was spotted in South Korea, but the camouflage did not allow us to see either the brand or the appearance. Now the secret has been revealed: according to TheKoreanCarBlog, KIA is preparing 2 new crosses at once, which will appear after 2022.

One of the tested cars is a full-size family SUV that is comparable in size to the KIA Telluride.

The second car is a compact cross about 4.3 meters long, which will actually become a “classmate” of KIA Seltos. It will be assembled on a modular E-GMP platform and will receive an all-electric power plant.

There are no details about the design and characteristics of the cars yet, and the fact of their development at KIA has not yet been confirmed. Nevertheless, if the rumors are still true, it is not worth waiting for the debut of 2 new products until 2022.

Recall that earlier KIA presented the updated Telluride crossover 2022 model year, which received a different company logo, as well as an expanded list of equipment.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the KIA Telluride 2020 from the FineAuto team:

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