Nail in the lid of the battery? The Chinese have unveiled a new battery


Engineers of the Chinese automotive company BYD has developed a new compact battery, the maximum load which will improve the safety of electric vehicles compared with similar lithium-ion batteries. The strength development was tested using the plugging in the battery nails.

Manufacturers of advanced lithium-ion batteries are mainly trying to increase energy resource of its products, while leaving security in the background. Therefore, in the event of an accident, the result of mechanical damage, often occur of ignition of electric vehicles, who can’t extinguish even the fire Department. A new development called Blade Battery, according to engineers, you can leave these problems in the past.

In addition to traditional tests for bending, cutting, heating to 300 degrees Celsius, and the recharge of 260%, which the experts failed to ignite the battery, engineers have tested the strength of their product by hammering nails. And if the usual Li-ion battery, this procedure has reached 400 degrees Celsius, and lithium-iron-phosphate battery has reached 500 degrees, the temperature of the Blade Battery despite all the exposure has not exceeded 60 degrees.


According to the Vice-President of BYD Hee long, some automotive companies have already expressed interest in the new development. However, he did not specify which brand can be the first to get this battery. However, it is known that the first model of the Chinese company, which will receive the lithium-ion battery of high strength will be sedan Han EV.

Depending on the configuration of the Chinese electric car will be equipped with one or two motors that will enable it to develop from 218 to 268 horsepower, the fuel economy of the future will be about 450 kilometres long.

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