Nakosyachil -: VW will get rid of the head of the project ID

Nakosyachil -: VW will get rid of the head of the project ID


The leadership of the group Volkswagen is looking for a replacement one of its members of the Board of Directors. We are talking about the Christian Zenger, who recently headed by the subsidiary Car.Software, engaged in software development for future models of the concern.

Senger previously worked at BMW, where he oversaw the creation of the electric vehicle i3. Later he moved to Volkswagen and headed the work on the collection electric ID on the platform of the MEB. For the position of head of software, he was appointed only in March 2019.


As it turned out, Volkswagen is far behind as regards programming primarily from Tesla. So, because of the unwillingness of the automotive operating system to start supply of electric vehicles mass ID.3 moved from June to September. In addition, the company was forced to announce a review of gasoline and diesel Golf hatchbacks because of problems with the software.

The singer attempted to solve this problem, expanding a team of programmers and increasing the costs of their activities. Not so long ago, he admitted that own full-fledged operating system of the Volkswagen group will be ready only by 2025.

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