Named 35 car models that were discontinued this year

Named 35 car models that were discontinued this year


In the framework of the monitoring of sales in the global market, has compiled a list of cars that are discontinued in 2019.

Just got 35 cars. So, the leaders of the automobile concern Audi has been producing the TT sports car and A3 convertible Cabriolet. Manufacturers the Bavarian company has reduced range of Gran Turismo, by removing from it the two cars, demand for which fell sharply on the world market in the beginning of this year.


Despite the fact that the developers of the Cadillac continues to update the model range of the brand, the leaders announced the discontinuation of models CTS, ATS, XTS and CT6. Chevrolet has removed from the list of machines produced by the electric Volt, which was unable to gain proper attention of buyers.

Brand Fiat will remove from production car produced in hatchback and having an index of “500”. In addition, production will be ceased car: Ford Flex, Fiesta and Taurus, the Hyundai Santa Fe XL, the Infiniti QX30 and Q70, Mercedes-AMG SL 63 and a few other popular cars, demand for which is constantly decreasing.

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