Named a way to save the diesel engines

Named a way to save the diesel engines


Specialists of the research center Sandia National Laboratories has developed a fuel injection system for diesel engines which can significantly clean up the emissions.

Recall that the diesel units petrol is distinguished from the methods of formation of the fuel-air mixture and its ignition. Diesel fuel and air are supplied into the combustion chamber separately. First goes the air rasalaite at the end of the compression stroke and only at the very end of the in-cylinder injected diesel, which instantly ignited. However, such a power plant are more “dirty” exhaust, unlike petrol. According to current standards, Euro 6d-Temp, the content of nitrogen oxides is 168 mg/km. However, in the EU by 2020 become a new economy that oblige automakers to reduce the value to 120 mg/km in real world conditions and up to 80 mg/km during laboratory tests.


However, experts at Sandia National Laboratories found a fundamentally different way, as substantially — by 50-100% — to reduce the amount of soot in the exhaust.

So, we developed the injector with a new form of technology ducted fuel injection or DFI (injection channels). Heavy fuel enters the combustion chamber, passing through miniature channels. This allows you to optimize the fuel / air mixture and to obtain a cleaner its combustion.

According to the developers, in a car with a DFI may not be the need to use high cost the car the injection system of urea, which breaks down oxely nitrogen, as well as the ability to install it on industrial engines.

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