Named the best car in the world-2018

Named the best car in the world-2018

During the motor show in new York was named the winner of the contest “world car of the year” (WCOTY). The main prize this year received the Volvo XC60 crossover. It is worth noting that the Swedish brand, despite the long history, first was awarded the first prize for the history of the award.

In addition to Volvo XC60 for the title of “best car of the year” fought other in the segment SUV – Mazda CX-5 and Range Rover Velar (the shortlist was announced in early March at the Geneva motor show). The winner was chosen through a jury consisted of 82 journalist.

The Swedish model has previously received an award in the contest “Japanese car of the year” and also won first place as “North American car of the year” in the category “crossover/minivan”.

In the category “Green car of the year” winner was the Japanese electric car Nissan Leaf. His rivals were “German” BMW 530e iPerformance and “American” Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. In the role of “sports car of the year” in 2018, acts of the BMW M5. Its competitors were the Honda Civic Type R and the Lexus LC 500.

The best “premium car of the year” was recognized as the Audi A8, which left behind the two Porsche models, included in short-list:, and Cayenne, and Panamera. In the category “City car of the year” won by the Volkswagen Polo, rivals Ford Fiesta and Suzuki Swift.

Award in the category “design of the year” went to the Range Rover Velar, as a consolation prize for the lack of first place in the main category. To get around the “Brit” to win had the Lexus LC 500 and Volvo XC60.

The winners of the contest “world car of the year 2018”

Nomination Model
World car of the year Volvo XC60
Green car of the year Nissan Leaf
Car of the year BMW M5
Urban car of the year Volkswagen Polo
Premium car of the year Audi A8
Design of the year The Range Rover Velar

The winner of the contest “world car of the year”, the Volvo XC60 sold in our country. Taking orders for this model started in November 2017. Our customers can purchase a car with petrol (249 and 320 HP) and diesel (190 and 235 HP) engines. As a powertrain offered no alternative eight-speed automatic. The price of the model starts with a mark 2 925 000 rubles, the top version will cost buyers at least 3 584 000 rubles.

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