Named the car that loses the most in price in 5 years

Named the car that loses the most in price in 5 years


Analysts have conducted a study and found that the average car loses about 50% of its value after 5 years. However, there are models that lose value much faster.

According to some models will lose in 5 years 70% or more of its original value. Such data came in the analysis of more than 6.9 million vehicles 2014 model year, sold this year, and more than 800 thousand used cars sold in the period from January to October 2019. So, in tenth place is the electrified Chevrolet Volt, which made a splash with his appearance on the market. This hybrid is already out of production by the company Chevrolet. For 5 years the car has lost in value by an average of 68.1%. In ninth place is the Jaguar XJL, the price of which declines over 5 years of operation by 68.9%. XJL is the long wheelbase sedan to the British belongs to the class of luxury cars, because so much is losing value. Jaguar plans to replace the model with new electric vehicles.

Eighth place in the rating was occupied by the BMW 6-Series. This vehicle is available for many years in the body “coupe”, “convertible” and “sedan” are devalued by 69% during the period under review. Seventh place went to the Ford Fusion Energy – electrified mid-size sedan American brand. The second after the American Volt hybrid model has depreciated since 2014 immediately by 69.1%. Sixth place was, surprisingly, for the Acura RLX. This model was not able to compete with other luxury sedans. During the period under review, the model loses from 69,2% of its initial value.


Opens the five leaders of the rating of the BMW 5-Series. The Bavarian luxury sedan is offered with a wide range of power plants, making it a competitor for a large list of models. Nevertheless, tastes the majority of buyers strongly shifted in favor of the SUV segment, so the model lost about 69.2% of the original price. Fourth place was for the BMW i3, which has depreciated by 70.9 per cent. Experts believe that this was the cause of 2 factors – it is electric and has the status of a premium. Opens the TOP 3 of the Japanese Nissan Leaf. Again the electric car. Model of the first generation has grown old and most of its competitors offer extended cruising range and a number of other features that helped to devalue the Japanese model by 71%.

In second place is the most expensive of the listed models BMW 7-Series. And the cost over 5 years fell to a record 71.3 per cent. But the leader of this rating was the worst of the worst in terms of investment funds – the Maserati Quattroporte. This is the only Italian autoombile in the list, but like many others, is productive of Luxury sedan in the world, where buyers prefer crossovers and SUVs. For 5 years, the model loses about 95,4 thousand dollars or 72.2 per cent of its original price.

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