Named the countries where it is most expensive to own a personal car

Named the countries where it is most expensive to own a personal car


The British portal Scrap Car Comparcion published the results of a study, during which experts found out the cost of owning a personal car in different countries of the world. The results are presented as a percentage of the average annual earnings required to maintain a personal car. As it turned out, the cheapest place to have a personal car is in Australia, the most expensive is in Turkey, and Ukraine is in the top ten of the anti-rating.

This study is based on open data on new car prices, insurance, maintenance and fuel costs, and income levels of citizens in 40 countries. For the calculations, we took the two most popular models in the world – Volkswagen Golf and Toyota Corolla.

So, according to researchers, in order to have a personal car in Australia, you will have to spend a little less than half of the average annual salary in the country. The second place is occupied by the United States with a result of 55%, followed by Denmark (60.3%). Also, Canada and Sweden are in the top five countries with the cheapest personal car maintenance, and Germany, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain and Finland are in the top ten. It should be noted that only two of the TOP-10 countries are not related to Europe.

Turkey topped the top ten countries where a personal car is the most expensive with 652.3%. It turns out that more than six average annual salaries will have to be spent on car maintenance in Turkey. Argentina is in second place with 515.7%, while Colombia is in third place (509%). Uruguay and Brazil are also in the top five, while Ukraine, Guatemala,, Mexico and Costa Rica are in the top ten.

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