Named the most covered car last year in Germany

Named the most covered car last year in Germany


Most often, the Range Rover Velar crossover was stolen in Germany in 2020. This is reported by the Auto Bild edition with reference to the calculations of the General Association of the Insurance Industry.

In general, in 2020, about 1.5 times fewer Germans lost their cars than a year earlier, but the stolen cars themselves became more expensive. The first place among the most popular car models among car thieves was taken by the premium crossover Range Rover Velar – it accounted for an average of 15.5 cases of theft per 1,000 insured cars. The average amount of damage is 52 thousand 200 euros. The BMW X6 dropped to second place compared to 2019 (9 cases of theft, 45 thousand 408 euros), the third place was taken by the KIA Stinger model (6.7 cases, 31 thousand 738 euros).

In addition, Range Rover, Lexus NX, Toyota Land Cruiser, as well as Toyota Prius, Porsche 911 and Ford Edge were included in the TOP-10 most stolen cars in Germany, and the tenth place was shared by the crossovers BMW X5 and Hyundai Santa Fe: they were stolen on average 3.4 times per 1,000 insured cars.

If in 2019 in Germany 14 thousand 229 insured cars were stolen, then due to pandemic restrictions last year this number decreased to 10 thousand 697 units. However, the average amount of damage for the first time exceeded 20 thousand euros. All in all, according to German insurers, the hijackers caused damage in the amount of 214 million euros.

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