Near Kiev found a unique pre-war Maybach

Near Kiev found a unique pre-war Maybach


In Vyshgorod forest near Kiev found a car with a very unusual design. It recalls a unique Maybach Zeppelin DS8 1932 with an exclusive body Stromlinien by Atelier Spohn.

Photos of unique auto published to Facebook user Maksim Zinchenko. Of course, before us is not a real sedan Maybach and its replica. Copy give many details and especially modern brakes and radiator. For some unknown reason the project is not completed and the car was on the rumble in the woods.


The original Maybach Zeppelin DS8 Stromlinien – really exclusive, because in this the body was released only 1-2 cars. Sedan with a very unconventional design has become the star of the auto show in Berlin in 1932.

Technical characteristics of the replica is unknown, but the real Maybach Zeppelin DS8 was equipped with a huge 8,0-litre V12 rated at 200 HP and he developed 170 km/h.

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