Near Kiev opened ultra-fast charging for electric cars

Near Kiev opened ultra-fast charging for electric cars


The fastest charging station in Ukraine, the Porsche Turbo Charger, has started operating near Kiev.

It was installed on the territory of the Porsche dealership on the Boryspil highway and is still aimed at owners of Porsche Taycan electric vehicles.

For vehicles from other brands, the Super Fast Charging Station will be available for a fee at a later date.

The Performance Charger charges the Taycan from 5% to 80% in about 15 minutes. The maximum power is 320 kW when one car is connected and 160 kW when charging two electric vehicles at the same time. In this case, the maximum current strength is 400 A when charging one car and 500 A, if two cars are connected at once – 250 A for each.

Since this high current can melt wires, the Porsche Turbo Charger is equipped with its own refrigeration station. The wires used to charge the car are located in the cooling jacket. This makes it possible to efficiently pass large amperage in a short period of time, since the use of cooling of the connecting cables reduces losses in power transmission during charging.

The station has its own battery pack. When all dealerships nearby are not using power — for example, at night or at 5am — this battery pack is recharging. In the daytime, when auto centers actively use electricity, the supercharger does not use an external source of energy, but on the contrary: it gives from the battery to the car connected to it.

Let’s add that most of the charging stations in Ukraine are the so-called “charging at the destination”. Among them is the actively developing network of Porsche Destination Chargers. But the Porsche Turbo Charger charges the car much faster.

Back in 2020, it was reported that the first fast charging stations for Tesla Supercharger electric cars were supposed to appear in Ukraine in the first quarter of 2020. Tesla Club Ukraine founder Nazar Shimone-David reported this on his Facebook page.

Then it was about the opening of three charging stations, but where they will be located, it was not reported

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