Near Kiev, the electric car caught fire while charging

In the Kiev region, occurred a large-scale fire, which was caused by the electric car Nissan Leaf SL. The incident happened on 18 February in the village kryukovshchina.

About it reports Kyiv rapid, publishing a photo from the place of incident.

As it became known, the owner of the Nissan Leaf SL put it on charge from the alternator. It was at this point the car caught fire.

The electric car managed to push out of garage, but not during, as the fire spread to the building. Her fire spread to the house.

Firefighters coped with the fire. On victims and victims there is no information.

Later it became known that the fire started from a diesel generator, from which the house received electricity.

“The array of blackout – automatically start the generator, which was in the garage. Because the generator caught fire in the garage and the house the flames have not had time, thanks to the neighbors and the timely arrival of fire brigade. Electric and no – it ignited from the burning garage. The garage burned down completely with all its contents”.

The cause of the fire Nissan Leaf SL is still unknown.

Some tips to beginners to avoid fires electric:

  • before connecting the electric vehicle to the network, you need to consult with an electrician that will determine its maximum capacity;
  • do not use the charger artisanal production, which is now very much in the country, although their cost is significantly less than original equipment.