Nembo is once again trying to release a bike with an inverted engine

Nembo is once again trying to release a bike with an inverted engine

The Italian company had previously tried to do it, but it sorely lacked sponsors.

In spite of all the failures Nembo does not throw attempts to raise their project called “32”. Motorcycle on rendering looks like another stylized version of the sport model, but until then, until you see at the top of the crankshaft, and below the cylinder head. A feature of the bike is that it has an inverted engine, the concept that the company is testing and trying to sell for several years.

The first news of the Nembo 32, appeared in 2010, and in January of this year, the company announced that after several years of testing, the project is ready for production. However, he lacked funding, so it was decided to turn to crowdfunding. Unfortunately, requested nearly 36 million online donations amounted to only… $ 56.

But despite the fact that it was not possible to collect the necessary amount, the company is not rented and is super Nembo 32 Iperleggera. Model dropped just over 20 kg due to the high quality components from carbon fiber. The engine and power numbers remain the same: 1 995 cm3, three-cylinder 200 HP and a weight Reduction should help the bike to improve acceleration and possibly top speed (although these figures were not presented). If this version will cause more interest, the company plans to produce 200 units per year.

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