Neta U electric car: how do you like such an option for a taxi?

Neta U electric car: how do you like such an option for a taxi?


China’s Hozon Auto has unveiled its Neta U electric compact in a new version of U-Saloon, aimed at taxi companies. Externally, it is distinguished by a two-color coloring and an information box on the roof, but the main thing is inside. The number of seats for passengers is reduced to three, the seat next to the driver is turned into a footrest (as in the Volvo XC90 Excellence), a screen for a projection display and a board with trip data that is updated in real time hang from the ceiling.

Technically, Neta U (4530 * 1860*1628 mm, 2770 between axes) has not changed. Power is 120 kW (163 hp, 210 Nm) or 150 kW (204 hp, 310 Nm), and the power reserve is 400 or 500 km (NEDC). Prices are in the range of 139,800-149,800 yuan ($21,400 – $30,600).

CEO Zhang Yong admitted that the U-Saloon variant was supposed to debut in September at the Beijing Auto Show (about this inscription on the screen), but the launch had to be postponed to 2021. “The car was covered in snow,” he joked.

Neta U has been on sale in China since April and has found 4,472 hosts in eight months. The Hozon brand sold 13,424 electric vehicles from January to November (+44%). The new Neta V model was launched in November, and 1,337 Chinese people immediately bought it. The Eureka 03 production sedan will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021. By the way, the other day Hozon won a large tender for the supply of cars to the oil and gas giant Sinopec.

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