New 2020 Bentley Flying Spur

New 2020 Bentley Flying Spur


The New Bentley Flying Spur is the world’s fastest production car sedan with a top speed of 333km/h (207mph). I’m loving the shark teeth like headlights and the interior is super lux. Thanks for watching guys! Thoughts?Thanks to Bentley of the Future –

this screen nicely pops out and then you can take it from its like little magnetic pouch all right guys we’re in for something special check out these headlights look at that like sharp teeth in crystal and here you’ve got the indicator how beautiful is that like a crystal bars lighting up and from the front totally looks like shark teeth doesn’t it going all the way around this here reveals the flying bee mascot and if you look from the side it kind of looks like a transformer looks like optimus prime a little bit with his helmet on and then here you’ve got these beautiful crystallized wings and the feathers cut out here the detail is insane now come around let me show you this is the newest bentley flying spurs it is actually the fastest saloon in the world and when i say the fastest saloon i’m talking about top speed its top speed is 330 kilometers an hour now some of you might be going okay but that’s just a number doesn’t make much sense to me 333 kilometers an hour is only seven kilometers an hour short of my mclaren 720s top speed and my mclaren 720s is a lightweight supercar this is a two and a half ton beast that does almost the same top speed so it’s got a w12 engine and it’s a six liter twin turbo right and it pumps out 625 horsepower you come around the back there’s no like real obvious way of opening the boot right so if a mate ever picks you up in this car i’m going to show you how to open the boot so you don’t look like a numpty right here on this b is where you press and voila she opens up and you’ve got a decent amount of boot space here very decent so we’re looking at like one of the most luxurious cars on the market you guys and it goes from around 250 000 this one is a first edition you can see that here if you ever see this badge it means it’s a first edition it’s got the union jack here with the number one here and the first edition means that you’ve got a lot of optional extras already part of this package so i’m going to show you some of those cool like luxurious features just before we move to the interior open this and you see actually probably the most beautiful hood cap i’ve seen on a car not many people are going to see that except the owner so that’s a nice little detail there all right so i’ve been pretty complimentary about the front headlights i think they look pretty damn awesome and bentley’s really been working on like headlights of the future with a concept car that if you haven’t yet seen that video the link is in the description underneath this go check it out on the back however uh just a little bit meh don’t you think like there’s just nothing that special about them so when the breaks are on you just get these two panels light up um this is a little slight disappointment kind of looks very old school to me and thank you so much to alain class motors they’re here in dubai they have such an amazing showroom full of like the best like supercars ever so go get them up if you’d like to buy this car now let’s look at what luxury you get inside there’s a little first edition on the door sill i’m going to hop in the back because you can kind of be chauffeured in this car this is sergey everyone you know sergey by now on my channel i love it the first cool feature to point out here in the back is actually this screen now it doesn’t look like it does much just sitting here but if you press this button right here this screen nicely pops out and then you can take it from its like little magnetic pouch and now you can kind of just keep this with you on your lap so if you’re here in the back and you want to control things such as the screens here i can do that right here so i’m going to open them all at once look at this everything opens including the skylight it happens very very quickly it’s nice a nice little like synchronized story here in the back quite like that let’s open them so we have a bit more light you can kind of just keep this with you instead of always having to lean over to press things it’s got that kind of like crisscross pattern here the diamond crisscross on the back i quite like that feature one of the things bentley i think is doing well in their luxury cars is actually working on upgraded technology let’s have a look at what we’re working with here in the back these nice little plush cushions let’s just see does they actually make a difference though like is it just for looks or i mean it’s nice behind door number one we have actually just an armrest but what is cool about this car is in a lot of back seats and luxury cars you wouldn’t be able to move this so this would just stay put in this car you can actually put it up and then you have a third seat so you can fit someone skinny one of your skinniest friends in the seat right here and then on top of that they will obviously want a headrest because we’re all so fancy here in the back then you’ve got these nice mirrors here in the back mirrors are always good oh my god no one told me my hair was atrocious okay i’m dealing with like humidity here guys like crazy humidity so it just goes back i don’t care at this point that’s the back seats let me take you to the front because there’s some more cool stuff there follow me all right sergey your turn to get out he’s like no but there’s so many buttons i saw you pressing away there in the front this panel here is super cool you see how it’s all looks like all one panel you know how it flows beautifully around here what you can do is press screen here once and it will flick into your display right your infotainment screen but it gets cooler than that if you press it again it actually has another side to it and it shows you those traditional dials you’ve got a compass you’ve got a timer in case you want to time like your 0-60 or your tracks or whatever and you’ve got the temperature hold it in to then hide all of that once again and it goes past the screen and back to that which is quite cool right now what is cool is you’ve got a fan for your butt on both sides oh i feel it right yeah so that moment when you first get your butt fanned so you can turn that off and you can get not that you want it now but full heating instead definitely don’t want that don’t want that but the cool thing is the first time i’ve ever seen this is you can actually make it auto you put it on auto and it reads the temperature of your butt yes and tells you whether you need to be found or heated exactly your butt feels really warm today i’m gonna cool it down all right and i’m only gonna cool it down by like one one degree and then it’ll like turn off nice and then it might be like oh your butt’s too cold we need to like warm it up ideal temperature the back seats are also heated and cooled so that’s quite cool all four seats have massage you want a massage i wanted myself all right let’s do this i’ve never had a massage inside of a car ever crazy man all right type of massage so it’s not just one massage you get to choose the type of massage it’s in french so let’s go for pool pulsation okay see what you think can you feel it yeah it’s going to my lower back because sometimes i feel like massage chairs and cars are a little bit like meh like they don’t do much for me but is it all right is it good i love it all right i’m going to try some massage i can feel it it’s going not my back okay i’ve got this a tech element this car which is nice is you’ve got a lot of different views so you can change that to navigation you’ve got that beautiful view of where you’re going i just say that that’s nice because in a luxury saloon or for example rolls royce uh nothing changes on the screen in front of you so they have actually got different like digital screens that pop up um and different elements that come out so that’s really nice i like that i appreciate that let’s take the fastest saloon car in the world out for a spin see what it’s like that’s so cool guys it has all-wheel steering it’s the first bentley ever to have all-wheel steering what that means basically is that it has a super super tight turning circle so u-turns handles no problem you’re not gonna have to do a u-turn and then go into reverse and then go into drive again and do a three-point turn it literally just goes straight around this car weighs two and a half tons you guys it is about the same weight as my rolls-royce wraith but what i find in this car is it feels much lighter than two and a half tons and when i step on the brakes you don’t feel like this massive amount of weight coming from the back to the forward and throwing you the turbos kick in quite quickly there’s not much of a turbo lag which is nice obviously you have to wait that kind of split second but it’s not too bad i have to say it has a 0 to 100 speed of 3.8 seconds you guys that is quick did you see how easy that was turning into this parking space that’s because of the all-wheel steering love it all right i think that’s it massive thank you to airline class who gave me this car today to show you guys bye we’re out you

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