New Alpina B3 caught on tests with almost no camouflage

New Alpina B3 caught on tests with almost no camouflage

Prototypes of sedans and wagons came in sight of the lens in southern Europe.

German company begins work on the successor to the BMW 3-Series sedan, the G20, and it has already appeared the first spy photos. This prototype is almost hidden under the camouflage. Registration plate OAL, four exhaust pipes at the rear, improved versions of the bumpers and various sets of wheels on two axles say that this is a test car from Alpina.


Like the past model, the new B3 will be a sedan, but at the same time universal. Most likely, customers will be able to choose between diesel and petrol variations, which can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in four to five seconds. Alpina B3/D3 should appear somewhere next year.

Diesel model will get a version of the engine used in the XD3 and XD4, with a power output of about 388 HP of the Gas version will be equipped with 3.0-liter unit with a twin-turbocharged 450 HP, which will put the model almost on the same level of power with a BMW M3 next generation.

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