New Audi RS E-Tron GT!

New Audi RS E-Tron GT!


This is the new Audi RS E-Tron GT. It’s fully electric with 640HP! So keen on the look and the head slamming torque. Take a look at the car in more detail here with me and Sergi.Check out our new show @Car Wars #audi #RSEtronGT

what’s up guys supercar blondie here and we’ve got an exciting car today it’s coming right now look at this this is the audi rs e-tron gt and we’re gonna take you around this car today what’s going on sergi my colleague sergey he’s actually been driving the car all week i haven’t been inside this car yet so i have to ask you what it’s all about like what’s going on this this car is pretty cool yeah but not as cool as car wars damn he got that vlogging quick didn’t he look you’ve been plugging in supercar bloundy to car wars every single episode so it’s my time to shine is that why are you here hey i’m doing it hey make sure that you guys subscribe to car wars if you’re not subscribed already it’s uh it’s a pretty it’s fun it’s fun it’s fun it’s a lot of fun go subscribe guys but you can find the link to that new youtube channel below this video go check it out i promise you you will have a laugh if you’re not laughing with us you’ll definitely be laughing at us yeah that’s right some of you are like what’s car wars why should i subscribe basically we go into the personal car collections of celebrities uh politicians politicians so we kind of compare them we make them battle it out see who has the better car collection and we do dumb dumb in between yeah that’s pretty much it yeah exactly like do you even know what celebrities drive you know right you don’t but we’re here for you exactly we have like scraped the bottom of the barrel like dumb heaps of research on which celebrities own what got them to battle it out and at the end of it one of them is in tears the other one is holding the car wars trophy there can only be one winner so uh yeah and best but we always agree we always like yeah that doesn’t happen very often back to our channel now let’s take a look at the brand new audi rs e-tron gt the thing that excites me the most about an all-electric car is just how quick it is that instant torque that instant response when you put your foot down on the accelerator so this one’s fast either fast it’s breathing oh i’m so excited okay right you’ve been driving it all week so you hop in the back it’s time for me to go in the driver’s seat okay all right okay okay this is the first time i’m seeing the interior there’s no sunroof no there’s no sunroof it’s all carbon fiber yeah nice you can see the carbon fiber from the outside we’ll go back out after this i just want to test it out first because i’ve seen some of your stories where you’ve had anchor in the passenger seat and she’s freaking out that’s what happens when it’s electric it almost snapped her neck it felt kind of bad when i got in i was kind of expecting something a little bit more futuristic seeing as it’s an all-electric car but it does look quite similar to rs models like you’ve got very similar or exactly the same steering wheel rs badge here and that’s okay like i think a lot of rs owners would probably appreciate that it’s not too different from what they know because they’re already making that huge leap going from a petrol engine to an all-electric car but in my mind i would much rather if i’m gonna get a fully electric car get one that looks super futuristic inside as well right as well yeah yeah they bring the buttons back though usually there’s a second screen here yeah second touchscreen so they brought the buttons back for functionality i like that i do like just traditional buttons because it’s super practical and you know exactly where you need to press without even like taking your eyes off the road the back seats are pretty cool they have like these bucket back aggressive sports seats so yeah so that you know i can take passengers on the track exactly i’m here today you’re not going to fall around all right are you you ready i’m strapped in this time all right i’m excited about this oh it’s nice and easy yeah it’s just so unsuspecting isn’t it oh no it’s just like it hits you real hard okay let’s do this ready you got your head you know yeah this is freaking cool oh my god that is just the best thing about an all-electric car the cool thing is like yes it is faster zero to 100 than even their official supercar but it’s this it’s this right it’s like it’s it’s almost vomit-inducing right oh my god yeah it’s better than any roller coaster isn’t it so just like oh is it gonna happen when’s it gonna happen exactly it’s just so instant you get that exhilarating fun with these all-electric cars that even with a you know a roaring v8 or v12 you don’t get that really really quick off the mark head slam back kind of feeling like you do with this nick’s got his head back because he’s scared i’m going to take off at any second you got my head back here i got no yeah i’m trying to glue my head back but you know this car right here has almost 640 horsepower that is like super car level of horsepower you can either just open up your door and the car automatically goes into park or you can just push that little button here so this is your park and i really like this driving shifter yeah it’s fun i think it’s just it’s just really easy and yeah in a good location and yeah just easy it’s intuitive yeah yeah it is i like the sound that the car makes when it’s like it’s like artificial like yeah so it makes an artificial sound of course so it’s not as dangerous for people when they’re walking alongside you and they don’t even know the car is there and i like the sound yeah yeah it’s like futuristic it’s cool all right so um where do we start first of all i just want to say i love these rims like i’m obsessed with them i think this totally transforms the whole look of the car i think it looks awesome this is the coolest thing this light sequence this one of my favorite features like the light goes all the way it wraps all the way along the side of the car all the way down the back yeah there we go how cool is that yeah it’s really cool i love that it sweeps across like the whole back yeah yeah that’s really nice i should have a little bit of uh yeah a dance yeah a little damp yeah i really like that i want to show you something yeah okay okay look at this okay okay i’m looking i’m looking a little wing a little wind pops up so it’s not the biggest wing in the business no but it moves and you like things that yeah i do like things that i’m surprised yeah this moves yeah that’s quite cool so you can play around with that manually actually a massive fan of the back i really like it i love the lights the rear diffuser is nice as well all in the carbon fiber now guys just so you know you can actually get two versions of this car you can get the rs version or you can just get the standard e-tron gt version so there are two if you get the rs it’s sportier so it has more horsepower we were talking about how there’s no sunroof inside instead on this model you’ve got the all carbon fiber roof which looks quite cool some people would rather sunroof though i would prefer that because it feels more spacious on the inside yeah uh this right here is where you charge it guys so you just pop that open right or not how do you do it serge let’s keep on going so we can have more for the bloopers come on now you gotta hit it in the middle okay sorry so where are you gonna hit it exactly right yeah right there that’s that’s the sweet spot okay yeah so this will charge you uh 80 in only 30 minutes okay that’s good so that’s that’s that’s fast have you charged it at all in the last week i don’t know so how many what’s the mileage it does about uh the range is about 470 kilometers okay yeah that’s pretty good not as much as a tesla right but this looks infinitely better than that yes i agree 100 yeah yeah and then there’s a little latch thingy move yeah oh what is going on here so they share some of the porsche electrics okay that’s interesting that is interesting right okay so basically it’s a porsche with a new body i didn’t see that he’s blown away i’m shocked this is even like a thing oh my god okay we’ll hide that again both porsche and audi belong to the volkswagen group so they kind of share bits and pieces of knowledge you know i think it’s kind of wrong though like they should tune up every last detail you just can’t be driving an audi and then it says porsche kind of like you leveraging the best part of the supercar blondie group being and bringing me over to car walls just to kind of bump up cars so yeah like you know like like you plugging in the search to this channel right now that’s what you mean right no no no that’s not a leverage yeah but there you go like they kind of all share bits and bobs just when they know they have something super cool they want to kind of share it around because it’s all part of the same group right so you’ve got a little bit of a storage area here in the front so you can actually it’s quite deep you can keep the whole uh cover here in the front or like a carry-on suitcase yeah pop that back in there you go okay i really like this grill as well like this obviously because it’s all electric you don’t have to have a traditional grill for airflow so they’ve kind of they’ve closed it off and they’ve put this like hexagonal texture texture yeah you have little little cameras there little sensors yep you got one two three and then like there’s just a lot going on in the front yeah this is the future ah that’s quite cool it’s like you know the old windows sounds yeah it’s it like feels like you’re in like a computer yeah i’m sure that’s what they were going for the old window sound sorry audi it sounds cooler than that but when you turn it on i think what’s cool is that if you press this view button you can completely change everything that’s on the dashboard nice so there’s actually a lot of options you can bring your map in yeah that’s meant to be a map it’s not connected so you have so much control over what you’re looking at that’s cool this is quite easy yeah okay and look uh yeah exactly what about interior i don’t see any like cool ambient interior light that’s what i’m missing there’s there it’s very little it’s like on the door handles you can’t see it here but i would love to see like just as the back of the car you know the whole light on the back of the car if they mimicked that in here and had like a whole line of ambient lighting in here that you could change up that’d be cool well that’s an official supercar blondie recommendation so i hope audi’s watching and taking notes everything is cooler with ambient lighting don’t you i i completely agree you know if you have it all like lit up in red when you put it in dynamic mode or like in comfort mode everything comes up in green like that’d be super cool so that’s it i think guys that’s it i hope you enjoyed our quick review of the brand new rs e-tron gt i hope you guys like the vid give us a quick thumbs up and subscribe to the supercar blondie channel plus go check out car wars okay guys like i promise you you will actually have a laugh subscribe explosions hit like and you know like hey if we get enough support we’ll start doing two episodes a week yes on car wars so all we need is a little bit more support yeah and we’ll get there yeah come join us guys we’d love to have you that’s it i think we’re out i think we are too bye you

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