New Audi RS7 on the German Autobahn!

New Audi RS7 on the German Autobahn!


I am so impressed with the Audi RS7 Sportback – great power and really comfy for long drives. I was lucky enough to get a good week with this car and really feel it out, before these countries started going in to lock down. Check out my vid, let me know your thoughts xx Much love, Alexfollow me on:#AudiRS7

light sequence that’s what happens when you turn on the new Audi rs7 that’s what I’ve got the key to today you’ve even got it here on the plate a couple of the main differences between the rs7 and the standard a7 I’ll take you through them right now this is a black honeycomb grille you don’t have like the chrome features on the a7 it’s 40 millimeters wider than the sand at a7 the hood the roof and the front 2 doors are standard on the a7 as well but the rest of it is pretty much fully reworked this car also sits lower it sits 20 millimeters lower than the standard a7 excuse the mess here have been driving this all week and it only just got like this in the last two minutes oh like oh my god no we got to do this video now and it looks like this but actually it just looks like I’ve been given this car a real go let’s have a look at these rims I’ve cleaned off one rim for you so you can actually see the color of it it is not in fact dirt brown it’s black and these rooms look pretty damn cool these are 22 inch rims the standard comes with 21 inch the rs7 what’s optional is red brake callipers actually comes standard in black but what is optional on top of that is ceramic brakes and if you get those babies they’re going to save you over 30 kilos in weight one of the main reasons why I wanted an RS 7 is because we’ve been traveling with a lot of luggage take a look at the boot space here we go voila we have two large suitcases pretty easily fit and also a carry-on probably fit another carry-on up here so it’s not bad boot space to be honest with you so that’s been pretty handy to get through Germany as we’ve been driving from shoot to shoot so that’s the boot boom I’ll take you through the interior in just a second let’s turn her on I want to show you something start/stop button is here you hear a little bit of a gurgle as it turns on when you have a high-powered vehicle this is 600 horsepower usually we all want to show off a little bit right and you do that sometimes just as you’re at the red lights and you just kind of want to rev it a little bit and hear how beautiful the exhaust note is you know you’re like sound frickin amazing let me rev it a little bit the issue with that is you cannot rev this car past 3000 rpm okay I’m gonna open up the exhaust and this is as loud as it’s gonna get if you ever want to rev it just gonna press this RS mode hotkey you can actually play around with what these controls on this screen here in the settings okay so you can hear that it gets a little bit louder which is nice now I’m going to rev it this is as much as you’re ever gonna hear it’s alright I mean you still get a little bit of gurgling crackling but it’s not what you want look what happens here you revin gets to 3,000 alright and then it caps off it already goes into red there you see that’s all you can do this here you see this lever has perforation it’s got little holes in it this actually allows for ventilation through the seat so you’ve got heating you can turn the heating on full or you can take this off and can you actually put ventilation on so that will feed cool air through the seat so that you feel like you’ve got air conditioning coming through the back in those hot summer days right so that’s pretty cool heating and cooling in the seats we’ve got this sports steering wheel here with the bottom of being flat you’ve got all of these RS badges around the car here on the foot the first time in an RS 7 you can also get three seats along the back one two three instead of the usual sporty or sporty aversion of two back seats oh I’ve got something cool to show you this is cool this is cool it has an accelerator measurement right what does that mean basically it times your zero to 100 so if you press this here it comes up with this menu and then go into that and you can press what you want time zero to 100 zero to 200 a quarter mile one eighth of a mile zero to 100 on this car they say is 3.6 seconds so let’s see if we can get anywhere near that on a road like this wish me luck this car has a twin-turbo v8 with 600 horsepower and even though you can’t rev it properly when I’m just driving along I can actually hear some gurgling which is really really nice you know this annoying auto on/off feature where if you’re stuck in traffic and you stop the engine switches off this one ready right goes off but the cool thing is is that when it notices the car in front moves forward it will automatically switch the engine on let’s see there you go instead of you having to take your foot off the brake to indicate that you’re ready to go again once it sees the car in front is taking off it’s like right switch on the engine so that when it’s your go you’re ready to take off and put your foot on the accelerator so I quite like that feature all right we’re just about to hit the highway now standard in the rs7 the top speed is 250 kilometers an hour but then if you pay more you unlock a higher top speed standard 250 then you can buy the dynamic package and that will take you to 280 kilometers an hour and then above that you can get the dynamic plus package which this baby has and that will unlock a top speed of 305 kilometers an hour that’s gonna cost you a cool twelve and a half thousand euros for an extra fifty five kilometers an hour but if you get to drive on the German autobahns that is worth it because here there are open speed limits on some highways or on some stretches of the highways here in Germany you can go as fast as you want now I say that obviously you need to be in the right car a car that is safe that isn’t old and rickety has all of the latest safety technology etc etc and is able to handle those top speeds if you have a car like that and you keep your wits about you and you drive very safely you know what’s happening with the other cars around you then it is kind of quite a cool experience all right we’re about to take the rs7 on the German Autobahn if there are any open speed limits I’ll see what she can do ah you ready holy [ __ ] this is I mean it’s me oh yes it takes off you guys like I really like this car I could imagine this is a daily that would be a very very nice daily that’s the magic sign you guys look I’m there see how there’s a hundred with a cross through it that means you can go as fast as you want we’ve got a bit of traffic tonight so I’m doing about 170 at the moment and this car can handle it so beautifully it doesn’t even feel like you’re going 17 this car also has a co D system but sense 4-cylinder on-demand system what that does is when the car realizes it doesn’t need all eight cylinders when it’s just coasting on the highway or cruising then it will actually just use four cylinders so it goes between being a four-cylinder engine and a v8 this car also has something like they call a mild hybrid system that means that when you take your foot off the accelerator above 55 kilometres an hour it will use the stored electricity to cruise with the engine turned off and that’s between 55 kilometers an hour and I think around 120 kilometers an hour once you go over a hundred kilometers an hour the wing at the back goes up automatically and the car drops down to further ten millimeters frickin anything Oh two-forty on the Autobahn just gotta stay calm be confident and keep you it’s about you and be in a car that can actually manage those speeds please do not do that if you’re not an experienced driver guys that is not something to be taken lightly at all okay whoo that’s it I hope you liked my little review of the Audi rs7 I actually really enjoy driving this car give us quick thumbs up press that thumbs up button now if you haven’t yet subscribed to the supercar blondie family I would love to have you with me here on this channel join our community all right that is it love you over an hour

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