New Bentley Continental GT with a Luxury Twist!

New Bentley Continental GT with a Luxury Twist!


I took a short break to one of my favourite chill out places, the Maldives. Take a look at Lux North Male Atoll Hotel – it was Paradise!Back in Dubai I finally got my hands on the New Bentley Continental GT thanks to Superior Rental.Thanks to:Bentley – Hotel – Caps – Coming Soon – @thelabelsbFollow me on:Music by:Miso Mama – Global GeniusWater Melody – Paul FowlerFly – 13ounce

you got money here in the Maldives I’m taking a few days off I want to show you what’s behind this door this is crazy it’s a sunset villa so this is our sits like one of the most modern villains in the Maldives it’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows how beautiful and then junkie oh my god have to get in later passive dick you’ve got so up here they’ve just told us that you can have a private cinema screening so I suppose they’ll set it up here somewhere you can get a massage table up here and something else that I want to do in the next few days they can bring you a bed to your rooftop deck so you can sleep under the stars that’s amazing I can’t wait to do that I’m just taking you a few days off chilling out for a bit and the one place that I can truly chilla is the Maldives because there are no cars get a massage this is the best Villa I’ve ever stayed in the Maldives I’ve been here a few times before and this is the Mars Lux Lux yep it’s amazeballs flyboarding I’ve already done it in Dubai it was awesome so I’m gonna let Nick have the first go here started yeah this is good I’m just a bit confused to why you wouldn’t need to wear a helmet well it’s you’re gonna fool everybody was an extreme okay you’ll be fine okay good luck have fun see you later Luther you go go on good one whoo Hey all right that’s it now let’s go check out one of the most luxurious cars I can do buy and look what I’ve got in my hands luxury this is the key to the new Bentley Continental GT here it is and I’m gonna take you around everyone’s been obsessing with the new shape so we’re gonna take a look at a few new key features that I’ve seen and I personally really like I want to start here with these headlights take a look at this it kind of looks like a crystal vase can you see those cutaways in there it’s really pretty they’ve redone this 12 on the side that’s new that of course stands for 12 cylinders it’s a w12 a six liter engine this is cool too so you know when you have parking next to people in the shopping center and someone parked super close to you and you’re worried about your door like hitting the car next to you that won’t happen with these cars look at this you open the door and at any point it will hold it will stabilize the whole way out instead you know with most cars right you pull the door out and it’s not if it’s only going to stabilize in two positions like halfway open and then all the way open otherwise you’ve got to try and get out like this way no train like who should open keep it open and jump out otherwise we’ll slam back on you you know what I mean so that’s a quite a nice feature of this car this beautiful interior that’s the first thing that just took my breath away when I got in this car everything is like the pinnacle of luxury here look at all of this stitching here on the side there are some pretty cool features inside the car as well the finishing here even on the indicator lever is beautiful what I think is cool here is this screen what’s gonna happen is when I press the start button which is here let’s do it now it turns around now this isn’t you right you guys are like yeah lots of cars do that but what’s cool is this screen is triangular it has three sides so if you press this screen button it’ll flip again to show these analog displays this button here is cool this button here allows you to control all the windows at once I press this and just get back a tiny guilty and you see there’s no bar here right separating the front and the back so you’ve got this beautiful arch here now how do you turn it into sport this is how with this little dial here just flick that around a sport let’s here I’m gonna go around the back here if you go onto navigation you’ve got just this little bit here if you press this button in view what happens is this disappears and it gives you a much bigger view of your navigation this is how you open the boot with the B tada all right Dottie pretty much just a little summary for you of the new Bentley Continental GT 0 at 100 I didn’t mention that’s three point seven seconds so it’s quite quick is how you put the spoiler on got a little button here click this ready to go okay it’s wearing the garish because I want us to show you one more feature and that’s the lighting inside you can change all of this lighting here and also over there in that little pocket so this is how you do it you go into car and then settings and then you find mood lighting setup and so you’ve got these two different wheels here so the accent color will change all of these major lights inside so you can change that to it green or red purple looks awesome and then at the same time over there in that pocket you can change the ambient color it’s changed changed again changed again so you can kind of play around with it and get the perfect combination I quite like red red lighting inside because it matches the red leather interior looks incredible when you have both those colors together and then for the pocket lights I’m going to go blue these lights I really want them for Lucy the projection lights so here it is projected from the door onto the ground I love that you know Bentley was actually my dream car growing up I was like all I want is a Bentley Continental and I used to look at them on the roads go oh my god they’re just so classy I really want one of those and then when I started testing other cars I was like ooh hang on a minute I actually like the ones that are super low to the ground not as not as luxurious and just super powerful and sound really loud like my Lamborghini so my preferences have changed slightly but I do appreciate how luxurious and just how much attention to detail has been put in this car it’s really quite something oh it’s quite fast yeah but I don’t know if I’d buy this car yeah that sounds really stupid but you know when I bought my hurricane people asked me so why’d you buy a hurricane and there are very specific reasons why I bought a hurricane I loved the sound I absolutely loved the aggressive look of the car and I think it’s easy enough to run about in it’s not too complicated to drive it’s just really fun fast sounds great so there are lots of like key points why I bought it if someone asked me why I bought a new Bentley Continental GT I wouldn’t know what to say I’d be like well it’s comfortable and luxurious but then there are so many cars other colors that fit that bill as well like an Aston Martin for example it’s comfortable it’s luxurious and I actually think the Aston Martin or a few Aston Martin’s like the vanquish sound better than this car or you could get a Rolls obviously which I think they’ve just perfected this kind of driving on a cloud kind of feeling it just it is so elevated from any other driving experience so that’s why I’d get a Rolls and then it comes to Bentley and I’m like well how would I get this car I think it’s a beautiful car I really do and I appreciate it but I don’t think I would buy one the Bentley Ben Tiger is a different story I really really love that car it is so quick super quick I’m always surprised like when you put your foot down goes thank you to superior car rental as well here in Dubai so if you come to Dubai you can actually test this car out for yourself you can rent it from them you can go click the link in the bio as well I have to honestly say that I love them as a rental company I use them a lot because they have the best fleet like the newest cars ever so this is from them so a big THANK YOU to them for letting me test this out today it’s the first time that I’m driving the new Bentley Continental GT so thank you very much for watching please subscribe my hats are coming out soon this is my Lucy hat of course that goes with my Lamborghini Lucy it looks like her and my hats are coming out very shortly I’m gonna keep you guys updated throughout my videos on youtube so make sure you keep watching because they’re going to drop really soon and I’m super excited about that I’ve also got this are you wearing a Lucy cap tunic yeah yeah they call yeah I’m still perfecting them there are going to be slight changes and it’s been like nine months in the making to have these caps be launched you know to get the right quality the right fit the right designs I’ve really this is my baby and I want us to be more of a community so that when I fly around the world and I meet you guys we’re instantly connected I would just absolutely love to see someone with my Luci cap on how cool would that be I’m excited about it thank you guys so so much for your support I love you so much you mean the world to me thank you so much for watching without you I couldn’t be doing this so I really appreciate it I love you so much what I’m out

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