New BMW i7 noticed in serial body

New BMW i7 noticed in serial body


Unlike the previous images, the new piece shows the serial car.

Recently, the network published photos of the new BMW i7. Unlike images, which were previously provided on the new portion imprinted production model electric car. Of course, the car was completely covered with camouflage, but a General idea about the product to reach you.

Despite the fact that the new BMW i7 will copy the updated 7-Series, he will acquire some features. So, you can not see the door handle is probably the electric car will get something special in this part. In General, the front part was more “evil” and elongated. In addition, the manufacturer failed to conceal the huge number of cameras located around the perimeter of the vehicle, which indicates the presence of the autopilot.


It is expected that the new BMW i7 will be the most powerful vehicle in the brand lineup, not counting the M-versions. It is expected that the novelty will receive at least 650-horsepower powerplant, which makes the model very powerful. According to preliminary data, the power plant will be powered by sets of batteries, a single charge which is enough for 650 kilometers.

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