New BMW M3 showed a huge “nostrils”

New BMW M3 showed a huge “nostrils”


New generation of Bavarian sedan partially declassified before the official debut.

In the Network appeared interesting the sedan of BMW M3 of the following generation. Photography portal shares Bimmerpost. The picture shows us, perhaps, one of the most spectacular parts of the exterior the new huge grille with a pair of giant outstretched “nostrils”. The massive grille we watched at the spy photos, however, on those pictures the true extent slightly distorted camouflage. The grille of the new BMW M3 in size has surpassed even the 4 series coupe.

A small point between the two nostrils at sedan, which is well seen on the photo is front facing camera circular review.


Recall, last fall the rear of the new BMW M3 also ceased to be a secret. The sedan has retained its original wheel arches, the four pipe exhaust system, diffuser and neat spoiler.

As for the technical stuffing, then another in 2019-om the head of the division of BMW M Marcus Flush said that the M3 sedan and M4 coupe gets new 3-liter “turborestore” S58. It can be found in the 510-horsepower crossovers X3 M and X4 M. the Motor can work in conjunction with 6МКПП and rear drive system or 8АКПП and all-wheel drive. On the date of the public premiere of M3 and M4 while there is no specific information.

Approve this size grille?

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