New BMW M4 Competiton | Exclusive First Drive

New BMW M4 Competiton | Exclusive First Drive


BMW invited me to drive the all new M4 for the very first time at BMW Welt in Munich. Absolutely love the spec on this one. The carbon fibre bucket seats are a must optional extra in my opinion. Due to this car not yet being road legal, we had to cordon off as much space on a private road as possible, but I can’t wait to fully test this out when it is road legal. What do you guys think?Thanks for watching peeps. Alex xo#NEXTGen #BMW

it’s not often i’m bringing a canister around with me this is for very good reason i’m gonna fill her up all new m4 because i’ve got a bit of an exclusive for you guys here on the supercar blondie channel welcome by the way i’m gonna be the first one to drive it oh crazy so i’m here in munich germany and they’ve taken this car out for me and it has no petrol in it because of course no one’s been able to drive it yet that should do that should do all right we’ll leave this over here welcome to my channel guys if you haven’t yet subscribed hit that button right now and don’t forget to turn on your notifications so you’re the very first to see this right what are we looking at this is the brand new m4 competition so you can get the m4 then upgrade from that is the m4 competition now an upgrade even from that are all the optional extras you can get this one is fully loaded we have got the carbon fiber exterior package here which looks pretty sweet look at these exhaust pipes on their massive 10 centimeters wide quad exhaust you’ve also got the upgraded ceramic brakes so that will cost you an extra 12 000 dollars and for the exterior carbon fiber package that’ll cost you an extra seven thousand dollars a massive design change to the front of this car look the new massive kidney grilles they used to be about this big and go along here like this come on into the interior you guys this i love love love love love love check this out look how great that looks at these interior colors the m4 lights up it’s illuminated on your chair i love that this here these bucket seats they are an optional extra as well they’re carbon fiber that’ll save you about 10 kilograms from the normal seat and it’ll cost you about 7 000 you’ve also got the optional extra carbon fiber interior package so you’ve got carbon fiber here carbon fiber over there carbon fiber on the steering wheel and you’ve also got carbon fiber here on these shifters you see it here on the front if you come around the front all right this is the very very first time that you’re going to see this m4 being driven red button ready now i’m going to rev it in efficient mode first so you can hear the difference ready now the ultimate one sports plus did you wait for the google that’s so important what i love about this is there’s no rev limiter so in some cars now you can only rev it to like 3000 rpm it’s just so in this one you can go all the way up to 7 000 rpm now bmw world here in munich has actually cordoned off a section of road for me to be able to drive this so they’ve actually like set up a starting line because we’re gonna push this a little bit and just see what it can do shall we so all right this is our private little area look at this all cordoned off we’ve got security uh just to make sure that everything is safe as safe as possible okay first of all if you’re on an m4 it’ll cost you around 90 000 if you want the m4 competition with more horsepower it’s going to cost you around the 100 000 mark this one right here if you want it fully specked out with carbon fiber on the interior the exterior the ceramic brakes that’s gonna cost you about forty to fifty thousand dollars more so this one i’m sitting in costs around a hundred and forty ish thousand dollars look at this this car is made for drifting so you’ve got a full drift analyzer you guys it’s a rear-wheel drive use only on private roads and only in appropriate environments and conditions to drift all right so you press ok i agree to that and look at this look it fully specs out your drift so it’s like your drift was three and a half stars it actually went for about four seconds you drifted 42 meters at an angle of 20.4 degrees i love that and then when you try that again it will keep updating those stats for you so that you can see how much better you’re getting when you’re taking it around the track that is so cool because in this market they have to adhere to um very strict emissions um standards they actually have to make the like put on like a particle controller on the car so it means that it doesn’t sound as good in this european market where we are that’s pedal to the middle you guys how does it sound does it sound good yeah that’s fun you guys that’s a lot of fun oh man can’t wait for this to hit the market massive thank you to bmw for arranging this for us today that is amazing love you guys all right i think i’m out yes bye love you you

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