New brutal Haval: it is not H5

New brutal Haval: it is not H5


Owned by the Chinese company Great Wall brand has continued to gradually wraps off a new model. The “pyatidverka” designate two motors on the market it will be released this year.

This car Haval has repeatedly caught in camera lenses of fotosporno, but the brand itself has officially announced a new product a couple of days ago – then the model lit on the thumbnails. Now published teasers, at the same time, Havel dispelled rumors that the car will be positioned as the next generation H5: the pictures posted in the local social network Weibo, has an inscription, which Chinese can be translated as “I don’t H5”, the same tag accompanies and posts of the brand (we took an unsigned teasers from the promo website SUV).


Thus, the model will open a new series of Haval. But they called (the machine itself and a ruler) – is still unknown. He SUV until marked internal index B06. We will remind, today Hawala two full line – H and F. there is Also a “renegade” M6 (H6 built on the basis of the first generation).

According to preliminary data, the appearance of “piatigorski” developed under the guidance of Phil Simmons, who holds the post of chief designer of the Chinese brand in 2018 (he previously worked at Land Rover and Ford). The model has a deliberately rough exterior, however, she received a round led headlights and rear lights are made L-shaped. Interior grade is not shown, but we have seen on spy photographs, inside a virtual “tidy” with the “visor” (its purpose is still a mystery), a multimedia system with a curved one side of a touch screen, vertical blocks, air vents and washer instead of the traditional gear lever.

“Celestial” media reports that the Haval B06 built on a new platform, but the frame is a single word. But there is a first predictions about the motors: some specialized media believe that the SUV will be offered with petrol “turbochetverkami” 1.5 and 2.0 (power not specified) and seven-speed robotized transmission with two clutches. Will all-wheel drive.


Soon Haval’ll post another batch of brand new images, well, the start of sales in China is scheduled for the third quarter of this year. Later, SUV will probably reach other countries.

As for the current H5, this frame SUV in the ranks from 2005, its market career began as the Great Wall Hover, then it began to produce under the brand Haval. It is possible that this model will take a bit longer in the line of the brand.

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