NEW BUGATTI BOLIDE! The Most Extreme Bugatti Ever Made. FIRST START UP

NEW BUGATTI BOLIDE! The Most Extreme Bugatti Ever Made. FIRST START UP


This is the first look at the new Bugatti Bolide. It has an astonishing weight to power ratio of 0.67 (KG 1240 / PS 1850). Frank Heyl, the Deputy Design Director at Bugatti takes us on a personal walk-through for the Supercar Blondie fam. Enjoy guys! #Bugatti #BugattiBolide

[Music] what’s up guys supercar blondie here i’m actually in quarantine in munich germany but right now i have kind of like a world premiere for you guys this is super super special all right we’re gonna watch it together are you ready for this let’s get going all right there’s frank he’s the deputy design director at bugatti and he is personally going to show us around this new car here we go here we go boom here is bugatti’s latest fully functional concept car now when i say fully functional that means it’s not just a shell it actually has a w16 engine in it and it would only take a few tweaks for this car to go into series production they have not yet decided whether they’re going to take this car into production but if there’s enough interest i reckon we might see this all right let’s keep going this is called the bugatti baleed and belied actually translates literally to racing car why does everything sound so much better in french like imagine if you were to call a car bugatti racing car it just wouldn’t work but it’s bugatti bleed which sounds pretty cool if you switch around the letters it actually spells out blondie damn it the n is missing oh i gotta make some calls they forgot the ends you’re saying what’s that about frank you forgot the end the special thing about this car you guys is its power to weight ratio unbelievably it has a power to weight ratio of 0.67 now let me just explain that in really simple terms the car weighs 1240 kilograms but the horsepower is 1825 that means it has over one horsepower for every one kilogram of this car now if you have a one-to-one ratio meaning for every kilogram you have one horsepower that is unbelievable right in today’s standards like the koenigsegg one to one now we’re talking about over one horsepower to every kilogram so this is really about bugatti showing off just how powerful their w16 engine is all right let’s have a look oh this is my favorite favorite favorite part of the car look at the back those x lights there with the quad exhaust pipes and then those discs there you see on the wheels those discs covering the rims are actually turbo fans so what that does is that draws the air out of those brakes it makes for better aerodynamics on the car so this car is really all about optimization for the track okay so if this goes into production this would be a track only car they tested it on the track watch this [Music] hmm [Music] saw it there on the track 0 to 100 in 2.2 seconds that is super quick guys that’s like electric car fast all right and what it has is a w16 quad turbo charged engine okay so they want to really show off that engine that is their iconic engine you can find that in the chiron okay the important bits the design why does it look the way it looks now do you see that x there on the left of the front of the car that x is actually the daytime running light so it actually lights up that is not paint at first you think it’s like just white paint they are the daytime running lights how freaking cool is that now the reason they have gone with these x’s you’ve got them on the front the side and the back you saw the taillights the x is because the design of this is inspired by the type 57 tank and that actually won the more back in the 30s now what they did was they put sticky tape over the headlights of that racing car in an x shape so just in case the car got into a crash the headlights wouldn’t pop out so they have taken that design feature from that racing car and thought this is going to be cool in the modern day let’s make that x into the actual lights look at these guys there are holes everywhere in this car and that is really so that you get as much air fed to those wheels as possible so you’ve got two radiators one on the left one on the right of the front of the car and you’ve got these massive air intakes down there to feed air into those radiators to keep the car cool also you’ve got those big holes there that you can see on the top and that is actually pushing air through there and around the side of the car you can see those discs there see that’s the fan that’s the turbo fan you can see the little slats there [Music] okay you see that little port there that’s for quick refueling so it allows pressurized refueling so on the track boom and you’re out of there you’re refueled look at that massive wing you guys this just has such an incredible presence okay you see that detail there that tiny titanium detail holding up the center wing that is so light it weighs 330 grams so every single part on this car that work to really reduce the weight some parts are even 3d printed like the exhaust tips see them there that is three that literally comes from a 3d printer you’ve got a triple rear diffuser there that actually helps for downforce you see how everything is exposed there at the back as well you can see all both of those back tires love that i actually love the look of this car how could you not you see there it’s got a side camera as well so you don’t have the traditional um side mirrors you have little cameras and we’re about to see the inside let’s go frank show us the interior okay here we go here we go all right so opening up the door little latch there look how tiny it is now let me just pause that there for a second the reason why the door is only on like the upper part of the car is because the side there is for is really important for structural support so they could really only cut into the top part of the car and the roof to be able to get in so you got to actually detach the steering wheel to get in reattach i might actually be able to get you an exclusive very very soon on this car because i’m so close to it so that is all in the works right now so make sure you subscribe to my channel because if you don’t you’re going to miss out on that exclusive it’s going to be i’ll tell you now it’s going to be a super couple on the exclusive all right you know what that means all right frank show us inside so here we are in the interior of the bulid very minimalistic race car like interior yeah it’s fully stretched out just blue alcantara and visible carbon fiber this is the ignition switch flip that fuel pump’s come to life motorsport display here’s the moment here’s the motor and there’s our ref counter and speedometer time to start the engine this is one of the best sounding bugattis i swear listen to this door goes down with a little pool latch so low and rumbly oh imagine driving this thing taking the wheel off again and audi pops thanks frank champion mate okay that’s it i hope you enjoyed watching this world premiere with me here on the supercar blondie channel a massive thank you to bugatti to you guys as well you know who you are frank and ml love you guys thank you thank you thank you give us a quick thumbs up tell your friends about this car because this is incredible um you do not want them to miss out and subscribe to my channel because hopefully fingers crossed i will have an exclusive here very very soon right i think i’m out bye guys bye [Music] you

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