New Bugatti model: 1000 and only one horsepower

New Bugatti model: 1000 and only one horsepower


Bugatti teamed up with Bytech, an American mobile accessory manufacturer, to unveil a premium electric scooter that combines innovative technology and unique aerodynamics. The compact scooter is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 700 watts, which allows a two-wheeled vehicle to accelerate to 29 kilometers per hour. The cost of the new item is not yet known.

The innovative scooter is based on a magnesium alloy frame, which has reduced the vehicle weight to 16 kilograms. A scooter can be used by a user weighing up to 110 kilograms. The electric scooter is made in the style of Bugatti with a streamlined body, and is also available in three corporate colors of the brand: deep blue, as well as black and silver metallic. The scooter is equipped with two nine-inch wheels, which, in combination with high ground clearance, provide excellent handling and allow the scooter to climb up to 15 degrees.

The scooter is set in motion by a 700-watt electric motor, which allows the device to accelerate to 29 kilometers per hour. The scooter can travel up to 35 kilometers at maximum speed. It takes just four hours to charge the removable battery from a household outlet. The vehicle is equipped with a digital instrument panel that displays the speed, amount of charge and the selected driving mode, including “Economy”, “City” and “Sport”. In addition, the scooter is equipped with a taillight projecting the “EB” logo onto the tarmac and a footrest.

The cost of the innovative electric scooter is not yet known.

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