New Cadillac CT5-V will get a powerful version of the V8

New Cadillac CT5-V will get a powerful version of the V8


The upcoming high-performance version of the Cadillac CT5-V, whose name is not yet known, will get a V8.

As reported by foreign newspaper, citing data from insiders, special Cadillac CT5-V will get the same engine as its predecessor. However, instead of the promised 550 HP and 868 Nm of torque, which produces a 4.2-liter Twin-Turbo V8 in the latest CT6 -V, nicknamed the “Black Wing”, the power of 640 BHP and 854 Nm will come from charge 6.2-liter V8 driving the CTS-V.

Thus, top-specification CT5-V high performance needs to be at least as powerful and fast as the best models of luxury cars Audi, BMW and Mercedes.


According to the concept of C & D, the design of the TT V8 with two overhead Cams makes it higher and wider than the previous one, so it would not fit in the engine compartment CT5-V without extensive and costly modifications, so the manufacturer has opted for the turbo engine is the turbocharger.

For those who are not willing to wait for the high performance modification in the lineup, will have to settle for the 3.0-litre Twin-Turbo V6 mounted in the current CT5-V 2020 model year, which produces 360 HP and 548 Nm of torque. In this regard, Cadillac is planning a more powerful version of the CT4-V, which can obtain the 3.6-liter two-cylinder engine V6 ATS-V with a capacity of 464 HP and 603 Nm.

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