New Cadillac Escalade officially introduced

New Cadillac Escalade officially introduced


The American company Cadillac has presented in Los Angeles new Cadillac Escalade. With the change of generations, the SUV has changed outwardly and even more inside where there was plenty of advanced multimedia functions and as many as three OLED display.

First of all, has grown up dimensions. Clicking on the new platform, the Escalade became more than ever: the legroom third-row passengers increased by 40% (up to 880 mm), and trunk – 68% (up to 722 liters). In the long-wheelbase version, the figures were 930 mm and 1214 L.


The exterior of the SUV, as expected, largely unified platform with the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban last generations. Now their share of narrow horizontal lights, a giant trapezoidal grille and smoothed the verge of the body.

The most interesting this time inside, where there was a full digital space with three OLED displays: the left diagonal of 7.2 inches display relevant data about the trip, Central 14.2-inch is the instrument panel, and the right large size of 16.9 inches and is responsible for on climate.

Another huge achievement was the on-Board sound system developed in conjunction with the firm AKG. It included 36 speakers and 3 of the amplifier, providing a total of 28 channels of amplification. The sound volume can be adjusted separately for the front and rear seats, and built-in microphones allow the driver and passengers without problems to talk to each other even with relatively loud music.

Special attention is also worthy the autopilot system of the new generation. The SuperCruise system that combines the whole complex of radar, lidar and GPS sensors, learned how to rebuild (just need to enable the “indicator”) and “communicate” with the driver, reporting to him about road conditions in real time.

Of course, not all innovations are available already in “base”. The most affordable version of the new “Escalade” was the 22-inch wheels and independent rear suspension, which for a fee can be supplemented by pneumocylinders and rear differential lock with electronic control.

In the engine range, as it became known “Autonomistas of the day”, there was a 6.2-liter V8 power 420 HP, and the company he was a diesel inline-six Duramax issuing 280 horsepower. They will work in tandem with uncontested 10-speed automatic transmission and optional all-wheel drive.


Sales of the new Cadillac Escalade in the US starting this summer. Prices and specifications of new items will be announced later.

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