New cameras of auto-fixation of violations in Odessa

New cameras of auto-fixation of violations in Odessa


Ten new cameras for automatic recording of traffic violations were installed in Odessa. The decision to launch nine of them will be made at the next session of the city council.

Seven cameras will be turned on in the Suvorov region at once. Two will work on the South Road (at the intersection with Derzhavin Street) and record violations in both directions. Two more are intended for the Nikolaev road: one will be installed between Limannaya and Yarmarkaya, the second – in the area of ​​Luzanovka beach, both will record violations when moving towards the city center. Another pair of cameras will appear on Semyon Palia Street at the intersection with Marseille. The camera on Dobrovolsky will record violations of motorists moving from Bocharova Street towards David Oistrakh.

The camera on Heavenly Sotni Avenue, 4 will record violations when moving from Inglezi towards Levitan, and near the Regional State Administration building on Shevchenko Avenue, 4, they will photograph those who exceed the speed on the section from Seminarskaya to Gagarin Avenue.

A week earlier, the Patrol Police reported on the launch of 17 new traffic cameras in Ukraine. The devices appeared in Zhytomyr, Chernigov, Odessa regions, as well as in Lvov and Cherkassy.

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