New car sales in EU fell by 7.4% before the epidemic

New car sales in EU fell by 7.4% before the epidemic


As reported by Ukrautoprom, in February 2020 the passenger car market of the EU decreased by 7.4% to 957 052 units. This decrease was the result of a combination of factors, including changes in the taxation of vehicles in different member States of the EU (who moved the registration for the December 2019), the weakening global economic conditions and uncertainty among consumers.

Germany recorded the most significant decline (is 10.8%), followed by Italy (to -8.8%), Spain (-6,0%) and France (-2,7%).

The first place among countries in the number of registrations of new cars retained the Germany – 239 943 car.

In second place is France, which in February was 167 782 cars.

Closes the top three leadership Italy, where it was sold 162 793 new cars.


As for European manufacturers, the first line has traditionally been VW Group, which within one month has sold in the EU 240 115 cars, while the fall was 5.3% compared to February.

In the second place PSA Group with a score of 168 737 cars sold, which is 8.9% lower than a year ago.

And the third result from the RENAULT Group 100 PCs. 261 (fall of 14.3%)

Two months 2020 the total number of registered new cars in the European Union was 7.4% lower than in the same period last year. Each of the four main EU markets faced with falling demand: Germany (-9,0%), France (-7,8%), Italy (-7,3%) and Spain (-6.8 percent).

For reference: As explained by ACEA, this year in the statistical report, the term EU refers to 27 member States (without the UK). This composition will be used for annual comparisons, in this connection the data will be resampled to adjust to the new format of the EU27.

According to the materials of ACEA

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