New cars General Motors will have 26-inch wheels

New cars General Motors will have 26-inch wheels


The leaders of the automobile concern General Motors announced that the new machine will have a 26-inch wheel.

Manufacturers are confident that large wheels can change the appearance of the produced cars.

So, new wheels will fill the wheel arches, making the car more stylish. Moreover, the design of the wheels can vary greatly depending on the brand and model of the car.


The development of the brand in the direction of the large wheels it seems natural and logical. Introducing concept cars often have unrealistically big wheels. But despite this, during serial production, the producers have decided to use standard discs.

Deciding on these changes, brand developers, I would like first to draw attention to our machines, making them even more popular in the world market.

The cost of these wheels may be too big, so maybe they will be installed only on top versions of models produced.

Would a car with 26-inch wheels more popular?

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