New Chery hybrid: 1000 km on one tank

New Chery hybrid: 1000 km on one tank


Chery Automobile has introduced a new generation hybrid system. It consists of three engines and can operate both in parallel mode, when electric motors help gasoline, and in series, when the internal combustion engine only charges the traction battery.

The new development is presented under the Exeed brand owned by Chery and is called ET-i (from Exeed + Electric, Technology and Intelligent). The hybrid system is built around a 1.5 TCI petrol turbo engine with 156 hp. and a torque of 230 Nm, which is combined with a DHT robotic transmission, in which two electric motors are integrated. One develops 75 hp. and 160 N m, the other – 95 hp and 155 Nm. In front-wheel drive vehicles, the total output of the hybrid installation is 326 hp, in all-wheel drive vehicles – 460 hp. Maximum torque – 510 Nm

The ET-i is described by its developers as “3-3-9-11”: three motors, three fixed gears, nine operating modes and eleven “speed profiles”. Depending on the nature of the movement, the control unit activates one or both electric motors, connects the internal combustion engine to the drive wheels or uses it as a generator. For ET-i, separate operating modes have been written for highways, traffic jams, overtaking, driving on snow and ice, and much more. This achieves a balance of power and fuel/electricity consumption. Switching between modes allegedly occurs extremely smoothly, without “failures” of thrust and any vibrations.

For the first Exeed crossover with an ET-i hybrid unit, an average fuel consumption of 4.5 l / 100 km is claimed. At the same time, he will be able to drive up to 105 km exclusively on electric traction, and the total range will exceed 1000 km. It remains only to wait until such a car gets on the conveyor, which has not yet been reported.

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