New chief Executive officer of Jaguar Land Rover will become a top Manager of Renault

New chief Executive officer of Jaguar Land Rover will become a top Manager of Renault


The former Executive Director of Renault group Thierry Bollore September 10, takes a similar position in the company, Jaguar Land Rover. His predecessor, Ralph Shpet – will remain in the company: secured for him a place Vice-Chairman of the Board, but without any possibilities to influence the strategy of the company and to participate in its operating activities.

Thierry Bollore appointed chief Executive officer of the Renault immediately after the arrest of Carlos Ghosn – but nine months later was removed from office. Official comments from senior management of the Group did not follow, therefore, the solution associated with “sweep” the top people from the disgraced Chairman of the Board. Bollore was one of those who actively supported the merger with Fiat Chrysler. However, the pressure from the Nissan was stronger – and the group eventually merged with PSA.


Career Thierry Bollore began in 1990, joining the Michelin. In 2005, he moved to Faurecia to the position of Vice President for the Asian region. Seven years later, he was welcomed by Groupe Renault, where Bollore took the position of Executive Vice President for manufacturing and supply chain. In November 2018 in the framework of the transition a top-the Manager has appointed the chief Executive officer of the company.

Jaguar Land Rover Thierry Bollore will replace Ralph Shpet, who led the group the last 10 years. Shpet’s leaving on his own initiative, but reserves the role of a consultant. At JLR he will take the position of Vice-Chairman of the Board without Executive powers.

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