New Civic hatchback unveiled officially

New Civic hatchback unveiled officially


The company expects the body style to appeal to “young, active buyers.”

The front end of the Civic Hatchback has a different grille than the sedan, by incorporating hexagonal vents instead of horizontal strips like the four-door. The most significant changes are in the back. This model is visually more compact as the rear overhang and overall length are 12.4 cm shorter than the sedan.

The Civic Hatchback has a curved roofline that makes it slicker than a sedan. Lightweight composite materials will be used in the production of the new hatchback. The taillights have a light strip that connects them across the trunk lid, while the sedan has separate lamps on each side.

Cargo space has decreased slightly compared to its predecessor. But unlike the sedan, the Civic Hatchback can be ordered with a 6-speed manual transmission. It will be available in the Civic Sport trim level with a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder that develops 158 hp. and 187 Nm of torque. A three-pedal layout will also be available for the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder 180 hp. and 240 Nm.

The variator is available on all models and has no alternative for the LX and EX-L modifications. When this transmission is fitted to a Sport or Sport Touring, paddle shifters are added to the steering wheel.

Honda also notes that changes have been made to the suspension and steering settings to make the Civic Hatchback sportier than the sedan.

Inside, the Civic Hatchback LX, Sport and EX-L will receive a 7.0-inch dashboard screen and a 7.0-inch multimedia complex touchscreen. The Sport Touring has increased the instrument monitor to 10.2 inches and the infotainment system to 9.0 inches.

Honda will build the Civic Hatchback at its Greensburg, Indiana plant.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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