New Corvette Z06 – The Most Powerful V8 Ever!

New Corvette Z06 – The Most Powerful V8 Ever!


This is the new @Chevrolet Corvette Z06! It has the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 in a production car ever!! The Z06 is the performance focused corvette but for the first time, comes with luxury options like a full leather and suede interior. This corvette is no doubt in Supercar territory! With 670hp and a 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds. Can’t wait to get behind the wheel for myself! Special thanks to General Motors for sponsoring this video.#Corvette #Z06 #sponsoredWatch Corvette C8 Review –

what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie here in detroit i’ve flown over for one reason only and that is this baby right here the grand reveal of the brand new corvette zero six are you ready for this let’s do it all right slowly slowly slowly slowly this is so exciting a massive massive thank you uh to chevy for actually uh bringing me over here and getting to reveal this car to you for the very first time so here we go first impressions guys i just want to walk around this car with you for a moment just so you can have a look what’s going on form your own impressions before i start talking about it initial impression what is it chuck it in the comments down below okay let me put things into perspective very easily so the corvette stingray came out two years ago and what they did the major difference was they moved the engine from the front to the back so it became a mid-engine supercar or sports car and this one we’re looking at right here actually has an additional performance package on it called the z07 performance package and that includes for example these fully carbon fiber wheels which look fantastic i love you’ve got extra fins here and carbon fiber and on the back you’ve got a bigger rear wing all in carbon fiber as well now this is a super special car you guys the new corvette goes zero to 60 in 2.7 seconds that is so freaking fast and this right here because of its performance package on it goes zero to 60 and 2.6 seconds if you compare that to any supercars out today these are mind-blowing numbers unbelievable it’s a 5.5 liter v8 naturally aspirated this v8 is the most powerful naturally aspirated v8 in any production car ever and so talking of horsepower what do you think it has this is also just unbelievable 670 horsepower in a corvette what if you haven’t already seen my review of the stingray go check it out because that will give you an initial overview of this car the link to that video is in the description underneath this this has 175 horsepower more than the stingray and it only weighs about 30 kilograms more this is the key now watch this all i do is just press down on the key to make it a convertible and that happens in 16 seconds boom done and now you can get in and you’re ready to go i love that you can do everything from the key you can also remote start so you got the air con flowing as well before you get in all right here we go look at this oh i love the interior color it’s like this ice blue and you’ve got all of this carbon fiber in here as well this is this is an optional extra an interior carbon fiber package which i think is a must the more carbon fiber the better what’s even more exciting is i get to show you two different versions of the brand new corvette z06 and the second one is right over here and actually it’s my favorite of the two i have to say so this is like the full-on performance version we’ve got the extra performance package this is the very first time that they are offering the z06 like the performance-based corvette with the optional luxury extras so let me show you this in here look at this this is this is just beautiful look at this wrap around leather interior everywhere you look so this is a real luxury version of the zero six and even on the roof you’ve got a suede here oh so what you can do is you can pretty much build your corvette from scratch you can choose whether you want you know the ultimate luxury feel whether you want the extra performance package on it whether you want the or there are three different versions of seats as well like with more competition seats very squishy so you made for the track or the more comfortable ones there’s lots and lots you can do to actually just perfect and customize your corvette now the other thing is you can choose between this roof or that roof and this one completely folds down right as we saw this one here you can either leave it on so and have a coupe version of the corvette or you can take this off manually here all you have to do is just flick this back and then you just push off and you pop this in the trunk open the back there’s a little button here okay and this opens revealing the engine so you get to see the engine in this one and also the boot space so let’s take off the top like that oh that’s not gonna work i didn’t think this through people oh all right again ready here we go all right around the back okay here we go now you pop this on let me put this in is this the right way peeps did i do it the right way okay yeah hey there we go all right if i had made that noise i would have like died because i thought i would have broken it so i’m glad he did it not me all right so there it is so there’s your roof off but the only thing is you don’t get any boot space now right so you can choose between this top and the other one the nice thing about this version is you can see straight into the engine so that naturally aspirated v8 with this version if you get the retractable roof you can’t see the engine and we all love seeing an engine now what’s also cool is look look at this little plaque here it says todd browning on it see that all of these engines are handmade by the same builder from start to finish so when they’re done with the engine they sign the engine i really like that touch and the coolest thing is i just found out that you as a customer can actually go and build your very own corvette engine for your corvette and when you build it you actually get to sign your name on the engine that is so cool around the back come here look at this so this is different from the stingray in that you used to have two exhausts on this side and two on this side what they’ve done is they’ve brought all four together uh to make it sound better and also this kind of configuration they wanted to make sure that you could hear as much as possible in the cabin so this is actually going to make it a lot more i don’t want to say noisier but you know what i’m saying like you’re going to hear more of the engine this way and also there are little valves here that open and close so that in different modes you can either make it really loud or a bit softer a bit quieter all right so let’s go starter up they worked on this exhaust note for two years over two years so what you hear right now is unique to the z06 so this corvette right here all right now just remember the most powerful naturally aspirated v8 ever to go into production we’re about to hear that right now all right start stop button is right here now before i do this check this out come here you just spin the dial to the left and you put it in my mode you can actually up the engine sound so it sounds as loud as possible when you start her up all right let’s do this [Laughter] hi it’s very nice huh wow it’s like gurgling away wow holy moly well done team yes that did not disappoint oh my goodness that is incredible so it actually revs to 8600 rpm so a lot higher than the uh stingray we’re actually gonna get in the brand new z06 um with a pro driver in just a second so we can actually experience that kind of power all right jump on in if you haven’t yet seen my video on the stingray let me just show you a few of the the features here so you’ve got this long divider in between the driver and the passenger i really like the look of this it really makes you feel like you’re in like this little cabin here everything’s kind of pushed towards the driver so all of this is mine it’s all mine and you just get your seat you stay over there look you can control the glove box that’s exciting and in here there’s a little sd slot you put an sd card in here which i love and if you go onto the track and you want to see how you did on the track what it does is it uses the camera in the front of the car to record your whole drive and then what you can do is you go into video overlay right here and you can choose what you want to overlay on the recording so here choose which performance timing metrics i want my 0 to 60 i want my quarter mile we go start recording there’s no sd card at the moment but you press start recording and then it will overlay all of those settings onto your video that you can then pull out the sd card chuck it into your computer at home and see exactly how you did on the track which i love and can actually just use it as a as a front camera so when you’re just driving around say for example there’s an accident you can pull your sd card out and you can show that you of course were not in the wrong it was the other driver all right so the other thing is when you go like this it actually turns into a camera but on this version because you’ve got the top down they reckon you don’t need the camera because of course you’ve got so much vision you can see everywhere so with the top on when you flick this it goes into a camera mode over here is how we actually put the top on so we can do that all right here we go 16 seconds and what’s cool is you can go up to 50 kilometers an hour and still put the top on or off which is quite like a good speed you know 50 kilometers an hour and you can just go oh it’s sunny today i forgot to put the top down boom it’s down yeah now this should work flick that and now you’ve got your rear view camera i like that little blood what i like about what they’ve done is they’ve taken a lot of like techie aspects like the fact that you can use the sd card like the fact that you’ve got the rear view camera here and the reverse mirror like the remote control start on the on the key fob uh they’ve got all these techie features that you really don’t get in a supercar you look at most supercars and everything’s just really like basic technically what they focus on is the power of the engine and doing everything to make the car as powerful and as fast as possible here they’ve got all the technical aspects but they’ve also now got the power and the speed i mean we’re talking real like supercar speed here crazy combination now of luxury of tech and of power and it’s not gonna cost you like supercar levels of money that is a crazy value that is crazy value when you think about it all right now let’s just look at the dash how it all starts up this is beautiful as well i love this just press here all right now what’s cool is in the z06 you’ve got you’ve still got the this kind of edgy wheel the square top and bottom on the z06 you get that in carbon fiber which is already super sporty that’s really nice and you’ve got some cup holders here so again the practicality that you don’t really get in other supercars here what i like is for reverse you pull this up so you know what i’m talking about that is only in one other supercar i really like that feature neutral and when you want to rev you just pull both of these paddles back and that’s when you can rev wow wow all right the other thing that it has is practicality which you don’t really get in many supercars so you’ve got a trunk here and you’ve got a secret little button to open it let me see if i can remember where this is i think it’s down here right so there we go so you press this this pops open and you got this kind of jaw feature here this jagged jaw and then you pop this open and there’s your boot space and even when you’ve got the top down or up doesn’t matter you’ve got another boot space here in the back here we go and a button there we go and boom look at that another space which you do not get in most supercars usually you just get like something up the front and that’s it there you go all right let’s go for a drive let’s do it all right now it’s the moment aaron’s here what’s up how are you doing okay look you’re saying actually you’ve been guarding the car this whole time haven’t you he said i’m not allowed to leave the car i’ll meet you back out the car all right so aaron you’re the guy or one of the guys who has been testing this brand new corvette around the tracks yeah nurburgring we were at the nurburgring in august and multiple other tracks oh yeah look oh yeah right here that was a fresh bay this year nice nice okay all right guys are you ready for this so what we’re gonna do is scream our lungs out and test the new corvette all right you ready okay shall we do this all right let’s do it oh i’m glad i found the door like with the camo wrap it’s like you don’t even know where the door is now this car doesn’t have the final exhaust and in fact it’s one of our older cars so it’s not got the right stuff uh okay sorry all right find the right one excuses excuses all right look what i love is this look at this bright yellow okay let’s do it nice and fast all right that’s it you guys i hope you liked this grand reveal of the brand new z06 corvette there it is and you guys are gonna get one out on the road pretty soon 2023 all right so i cannot wait to see it out there in the wild all right guys thank you so much for watching i think we’re out love you bye

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