New cross premium sub-brand Great Wall will go without the driver

New cross premium sub-brand Great Wall will go without the driver

The name of the concept of the brand Wey has not yet been disclosed, details about the “stuffing” is also kept secret. The company only said that the prototype was the electrical installation and the system of Autonomous control of the so-called fifth level – that is, the SUV will be able to move without the driver.

By the way, last year Wey presented in Frankfurt the other conceptual electricross – XEV (about installing this SUV the company has not said). That prototype was more futuristic design than the upcoming Beijing premiere. So, probably, in exterior future production models will be found features that is a new concept, not last year.

Recall, Great Wall introduced the brand Wey in 2016, it is positioned higher than the brand Haval, which is also owned by Chinese auto giant. While Wey sells cars only at home in his lineup two models: crossovers VV5 and VV7. “Five” is equipped with petrol four-cylinder 2.0 turbo engine capacity of 197 HP “Seven” is also available with the 2.0 T engine, but with the recoil of 234 HP Both coupe equipped with the seven-speed “robot” dual clutch drive only the front.

In the near future Wey will start in the third crossover SUV – AWD rechargeable hybrid P8, built on the basis of VV7. Under the bonnet of the new “SUV” is selected petrol turbo 2.0 on the rear axle – the electric motor. The model is equipped with a six-speed “robot” with two clutches. The total output of the plant is 340 HP, only the electric cross will travel about 50 miles, total range up to 600 km From standstill to “hundreds” of hybrid accelerates in 6.5 seconds.

As previously reported, Great Wall intends to bring the brand Wey to the markets of Europe and the United States. It is expected that in the United States crossovers new brands will appear in three years, to the Old world they can get used to. At the Great Wall are also considering the launch of the “SUV” Wey in our country: if a positive decision is made, then we have the crossovers are likely to be sold through dealerships Haval.