New crossover FAW X40 available in a dual fuel engine!


In the sales and service network AIS started selling front-wheel-drive crossover in the compact class – FAW X40 on dual fuel engine (diesel + gas).

The vehicle is equipped with premium Italian gas equipment IV generation injection system – Tartarini or GFI that is used the world’s largest manufacturers (Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, KIA, etc.). This equipment uses the latest technology to extend the life of the engine, run the car on gas without a significant increase in fuel consumption without losing engine power. Among them are the function of protection from overheating and burning valves.

Installation of LPG Tartarini or GFI for cars FAW X40 approved by the manufacturer. Design and test work was carried out with the participation of representatives of manufacturers of LPG and manufacturer of the car. And on the car and on LPG with a standard factory warranty is 3 years or 100k mileage (whichever comes first).

With average mileage per month 1500 km, LPG will fully pay for itself in just 12 months, after which the owner can save on fuel up to 50% of the budget.

FAW X40 is the second model (after FAW B30) brand, developed on the new platform of the automaker. The new car is excellent for its class technical specifications combined with affordable cost. The main target audience are urban dwellers who prefer an active holiday. The car embodies the latest technological achievements of the company. For decades FAW Corporation is actively developing the cooperation and collaboration with Volkswagen, Toyota, Mazda etc.

Also, note that FAW X40 has received 5 stars security on the results of the crash test C-NCAP. C-NCAP is the Chinese program to evaluate the safety of cars. System crash tests C-NCAP as a whole follows the safety standards set by Euro NCAP. Testing conducted by the Chinese centre of automobile technologies and researches. Additionally, the crossover was a unique crash test to reset the helicopter and got great results on all items on the test, and proved the title of “safest Car”. Crossover FAW X40 became the first automotive brand in China, which set a record for this indicator of security.


Recall that sales of front-wheel drive crossover in the compact class – FAW X40, started in official dealer network of AIS in January 2020.

The car is available in credit, leasing and trade-In.* The owners of the new FAW X40 available free assistance services.

More information about the proposed FAW cars and services offered on the website or by telephone 0800-500-205 (free with phones of Ukrainian operators of mobile and fixed communication). We in social networks: YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM

* Services lending and leasing is carried out by the partners (banks and leasing companies) which have the corresponding licenses of the NBU and the financial services Commission. More information about the partners and the conditions of programs of crediting, leasing, check with the seller.

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