New Defender gets a set of “rusty parts”

New Defender gets a set of “rusty parts”


Heritage Customs has released an extraordinary set of corroded accessories for the next-generation British SUV Land Rover Defender.

Dutch tuning studio Heritage Customs has prepared a signature set of accessories for the Land Rover Defender called Valiance Rusty Rough. Its most interesting elements are decorative lining on the hood and ventilation grilles on the front fenders, which are metal instead of plastic ones. And not polished, as is usually the case, but quite the opposite – profusely corroded. Specialists make metal parts and subject them to accelerated oxidation in a saline solution, and after a stable layer of rust has formed on the surface, a special preservative is applied. The corrosion caused in this way can remain on the surface for up to 20 years.

In addition to the bodywork, Heritage Customs is also involved in refining the interior of the new Defender. The Dutch propose to alter the front panel, seats and armrests in brown leather, and instead of a plastic lining in front of the front passenger, install a carbon one. For those who don’t like carbon fiber, the escutcheon can be made of stainless steel, copper, brass or bronze. In addition to rusty details, the exterior of the SUV is adorned with black Black Crow wheels with 22-inch low-profile tires. The complete set of parts will cost Defender owners 12,475 euros.

We also recommend that you watch a detailed test drive of the Land Rover Defender from the FineAuto team:

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