New details about electrochrome Ariya

New details about electrochrome Ariya


Start of production and market debut of its electric novelties of the Japanese automaker has planned for 2022.

New electrocreaser Nissan Ariya, as a concept car presented at the Tokyo motor show in late 2019, will appear by 2022. On Tuesday, 19 may, writes Autocar. Serial electric car will receive the same platform EVP, shown on the conceptual Ariya. More details about electrochrome told Giovanni Arroba, Director of design programs Nissan and conceptual mastermind Nissan Ariya.

According to him, working on this model, the brand sought to create functional, beautiful and realistic crossover. In General this new design direction of the brand. Electricross gets spectacular cascading glass roof, “tapered” optics and led DRL and spoiler on the tailgate, large wheels (concept sported 21 inch) and the inscription on the stern instead of the logo.


The place of the traditional grille here took a special shield with radar and cameras. But from the growing popularity of cameras instead of side mirrors manufacturer decided to give up.

In the interior of the Nissan Ariya developers used the minimum analog buttons and mechanical switches. Control most functions of the car will lay on a touch devices. In the structure of the power plant of electric cars will include two electrovoice.

Meanwhile, became known fresh details about the new KIA Stinger GT. So, for example, the novelty can get a more powerful 2.5-liter turbo engine, outstanding 294 HP He will take the place of the base engine with a power of 258 horses.

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