New details about Tesla Cybertruck

New details about Tesla Cybertruck


A Tesla fan asked Elon Musk for a hint about Cybertruck, and Tesla CEO did it.

Unfortunately, Hot Wheels and all people around the world who made various copies of the Tesla Cybertruck will have to remove the doorknobs, unless, of course, Elon Musk says something else. He could have easily said, “There will be no door handles,” but he did not mention the word “door.” Perhaps he just assumed that people would understand exactly which pens he meant, because in fact the machine does not have many other pens. However, Musk is known for his cryptic tweets and replies.

As the story goes, a user with the nickname JubanMohamed tweeted a question to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which surely happens dozens, if not hundreds of times a day. Musk has a reputation for answering and tweeting, but it seems that whoever he contacts is pretty “random.” In this case, Musk definitely did not look for official accounts, but somehow he saw the question and gave the answer.

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