New details about Tesla’s Texas plant

New details about Tesla’s Texas plant


A total of $ 1 billion will be invested in the construction and equipment of Tesla’s new car plant in Austin, Texas, according to Reuters. Moreover, it will be erected and prepared by December 31, 2021, follows from documents submitted to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

The enterprise will consist of five buildings with a total area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 400,000 square meters, it is a full cycle complex, it will include a foundry, stamping shops, welding lines, painting booths and a final assembly line.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that small batches of Model Y crossovers will be released at the new plant in Texas at the end of the year. In 2022, the enterprise will switch to mass production of cars.

The new Tesla car plant is located near the airport on the eastern outskirts of Austin, its construction began in the summer of 2020, that is, it took a year and a half. The total cost of the investment project is $ 1.1 billion, and $ 65 million will be returned in the form of tax breaks from the regional authorities.

The production will create about 10,000 jobs, most of which will be low-skilled.

Now the construction of buildings is carried out around the clock. The main building of the plant is expected to stretch 1.21 kilometers in length. Tesla workers will be assigned an average annual wage of $ 47,000. The local department of health and human services deemed it low.

Recall that Tesla now has two full-fledged electric vehicle plants: in California (USA) and Shanghai (China). Gigafactory 1 in Nevada specializes in batteries, Gigafactory 2 in New York on solar panels, they are not related to the production of vehicles. There is also a site in the Netherlands where electric vehicles are pre-assembled for the European market. In December 2021, it is planned to launch a car plant in Germany (Giga Berlin).

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