New details of porsche Porsche’s Porsche 911 killer revealed

New details of porsche Porsche’s Porsche 911 killer revealed


Porsche is preparing to unveil the Cayman GT4 RS. Official photos of the sports car came out last month, but some of the details were masked with black film. Now our spies have caught a prototype, completely devoid of camouflage.

The air splitter is clearly visible, as are the lower grille in the bumper and the details of the air intakes on the front fenders. You can see in detail the rear wing, rims with a center nut and huge air vents behind the doors and windows. Another important detail came into view – the ceramic brakes. Only the Porsche nameplate and the model logo remained hidden from view.

The Cayman GT4 RS is the first mid-engined Porsche with the RS attachment, and it will differ from the standard model with a 420-horsepower “six” with increased recoil, reduced weight and a developed body kit. Rumor has it that the performance of the new product will be over 500 hp.

We have already seen what Ereska is capable of. The manufacturer posted a video from the Nürburgring race: the sports car covered a short 20.6 km lap in 7 minutes and 4.511 seconds, which is 23.6 seconds faster than a regular Cayman GT4.

Of the modifications, the prototype had only racing seats and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires, and the latter will be offered as an option. The premiere of the model will take place this month.

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