New details on the new Nissan electrocreaser

New details on the new Nissan electrocreaser


Nissan continues to prepare for the debut of the new electric crossover Ariya, presentation of which will take place next week. This time Japanese brand has released a short video with more details on the machine that demonstrates some of the details of the design of the model.

In a new video electrocreaser periodically appears in the frame. You can see that the production model is virtually identical to the concept car design Ariya, shown by the company last year. The electric car has been the same slim front optics and led “ribbon” that runs the entire width of the rear end of the body and connects the LED lights.

Under the rear led strip electrocreaser is the name of the brand written in large print. Interior details yet kept secret, however, if Japanese engineers decide to repeat in production models interior trim interior concete, Ariya will get minimalist interior, where a large part of the dashboard is a display.


Electric Nissan Ariya will be equipped with powertrain with two electric motors with total capacity of 200 horsepower. In addition to the equipment of electric cars will appear on the autopilot, which can control the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle, giving the driver the opportunity to remove his hands from the steering wheel.

Earlier in the week it became known that the electric Nissan Ariya will become a global model and will compete with Tesla Model Y. the First model will go on sale in Japan, followed by debuts in China, Europe and the United States.

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