New electric car at the price iPhone

New electric car at the price iPhone

In China on sale cheapest electric car in the world. New Changli Nemeca costs only $ 930, and it is sold on Aliexpress.

Journalists Jalopnik ordered it and held it for a test drive. Changli Nemeca looks like a children’s machine, and the size of it is ridiculous. Plastic electric car reaches up to 2.5 m in length and weighs 323 lbs.

However, the cabin fit three, the driver sits in the center (just as in the McLaren F1). Chinese electric car even got a touchscreen and rear view camera.


The electric motor develops entire 1.6 HP (1.2 kW) and allows you to develop 35 km/h. However, the video shows that even a small rise for him was a challenge.

The reserve is between 40 and 100 km. However, the battery in the base price not included – with her Chinese electric car costs 1199 dollars.

By the way, in China, like miniature electric cars enough. Some of them are even sold in Ukraine.