New Electric Cycle Zero FXE

New Electric Cycle Zero FXE


Electric transport is the future. At least, such a picture emerges against the background of news about the desire of the European authorities to completely restrict the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines. Zero Motorcycles is still one of the leaders in the development and production of electric bikes.

The new Zero FXE electric bike was developed based on the Zero FXS custom project from Huge Design.

Zero FXE Spec:

  • 17-inch wheels
  • drive ZF 75-5
  • Cypher II software
  • 46 HP
  • torque 106 Nm
  • maximum speed 150 km / h
  • range 165 km in the city (only 65 km on the highway)
  • 7.2 kW battery pack
  • Recharge 9.7 hours from regular wall outlet (4.1 hours using optional charger)
  • IVF or SPORT modes
  • Showa pendant
  • Bosch ABS system
  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires
  • 5-inch color LCD screen (can be connected to a smartphone and use the gadget as a second additional screen)
  • LED optics
  • weight 135 kg (cool as for an electric bike)
  • starting at $ 11,795
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