New electric Ford will surprise four engines

New electric Ford will surprise four engines


In the us patent office appeared papers devoted to the electric pickup truck Ford F-150. Truck new generation will hit the market in three versions: in monoprivodnom with one electric motor and four-wheel drive with two motors, one for each axis and four units, one for each wheel.

Drawing from the us patent office noted additional reinforcement that protects the battery electropica. The design will reduce the load on the frame rails and make those items lighter, thinner and cheaper to produce than the model of the current generation. The figure shows the most common pattern with two engines, but the most productive pickup trucks can be equipped with four electric motors.

American journalists noted that the architecture depicted in the patent “Ford” contrary to the spy pictures of the electric F-150. On pre-production prototypes of the truck the battery is located under the cab and the port for the charger is integrated into the front fender. Perhaps such a compromise scheme selected for the first series of test mules.

Date of debut of the electric pickup truck Ford kept secret. In January, top management of American companies have made it clear that serial production of environmentally friendly truck will start in 2021. It is not excluded that the premiere of electropica Ford will take place during 2020, and commodity cars will appear in showrooms later.


Even though the pickup segment is the largest in the U.S. market, while none of the automakers have offered customers serial all-electric truck. Their projects simultaneously cook Tesla, Ford together with Rivian and General Motors.

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