New electric pickup Atlis XT showed in the video

New electric pickup Atlis XT showed in the video

American startups has released a video announcement of its future electric pickup.

The company Atlis Motor Vehicle – a new name in the automotive industry, but it is likely that in the future it will become a major player. The companies claim that their electric pickup XT is one of the most powerful trucks ever created. According to the automaker, the truck can travel up to 800 km on a single charge, but only in the top versions.

In addition to long-range, towing capacity is impressive – up to 16 tons. Payload specified in the amount of up to 2.2 tonnes, which is also quite impressive.

Atlis XT is considered a full-size truck, and, unlike Rivian R1T, you can choose a model with a loading platform 2 long and 2.4 meters. It is clear that this truck more than the Rivian. Its design with eight wheels suggests that we face a heavy truck.

The automaker offers a wide range of model configurations. So, future buyers can choose between different tow weight model, carrying capacity, range Atlis XT.

There is a standard cab with the shorter cargo bed that offers standard pneumatic suspension with a maximum ground clearance of 300 mm. But for more extreme use there is a special version of the off-road with a suspension that provides ground clearance of 380 mm. there will Also be a version with double cabin.

As for dynamic characteristics, it is stated that up to 100 km/h new electropica able to accelerate for 5 seconds. However, even fully loaded Atlis XT can perform the sprint in 18 seconds. The vehicle has 4 independent motor, one for each wheel.

The interior looks quite luxurious and can accommodate up to 6 people.

Although now the production model is far from reality, in Atlis believe that the production model will be launched somewhere in the year 2020. Currently, however, information on prices is missing.

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