New electric Porsche Macan will get the platform and technology Taycan

New electric Porsche Macan will get the platform and technology Taycan


New electric SUV Stuttgart brand appears in 2021 and will have the capacity of about 700 HP in the Turbo S.

The new model will have a completely different body style than the existing Macan to reflect her status as newly developed models of the brand. Held in September the Frankfurt motor show top Manager of the Porsche Julian Baumann confirmed that the existing Macan with traditional internal combustion engine will be sold along with the new Macan in the transition phase. Now the same situation with Duo Taycan/Panamera.

Electric Macan will appear in 2021. The current Macan will be offered with him partly because “some clients are not ready for electric vehicles,” said Baumann. “So there will be two different machines”.

In fact, much more: electric Macan will be based on an improved version of the platform used for the new Taycan.


Electric crossover will be built on the new architecture of the Volkswagen Group Premium Platform Electric (PPE) to provide the physical flexibility required when low-lying GT and SUVs use the same equipment.

In addition, the Deputy Chairman of the Board Porsche Bag Lutz told Autocar that the platform, currently designed only for Audi and Porsche models, allows you to save 30% of the cost of developing their own architecture.

Despite the differences in model class, Baumann said

“There are no real differences in the development Taycan and Macan. The current Macan is not as aerodynamic, and we are working hard on it. Working on this team Taycan. 600-pound battery is not the best for dynamics, but a low center of gravity is an advantage.”

The demand for electric vehicles is growing, but at different rates in different countries, not least due to the fact that the infrastructure just appears and not always reliable.

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