New electric supercar Apex did look like a dragon

New electric supercar Apex did look like a dragon


Hong Kong company Apex has published a fresh teaser news AP-0 which will premiere March 3 at the Geneva motor show. Driversi supercar in the spirit of Eastern traditions, and his appearance, as representatives of the brand should be associated with the dragon.

The similarity with the mythical fire-breathing creature give the car a sharp toothed elements on either side of a radiator lattice and feed of complex shape with a long aerodynamic “fin”, playing the role of “tail”. In recent integrated LIDAR – this suggests that AP-0 will get the autopilot. The chassis of the supercar made entirely of carbon fiber with a view to keep the weight of the machine at the level of 1200 pounds.

Details of the power plant yet, except that it will be fully electric. Earlier the company said that AP-0 boasts “perky controllability” and “stability at high speed and cornering”.

This is the second model of the Hong Kong brand Apex. The first was a track car AP-1. It was completed with “Ford” EcoBoost turbo engine capacity of 2.3 liter, uprated to 355 horsepower.

With this setting, the AP-1 accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds and a top speed electronically limited at around 280 kilometers per hour.

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