New excise tax. What will happen to the prices of motor fuel in the winter

New excise tax. What will happen to the prices of motor fuel in the winter


The main risks to price tankers see new taxes and oil prices.

Winter, Ukrainian motorists can expect an unpleasant surprise. Despite the fact that during the cold period, demand for fuel is falling, the price tags at the gas station can grow. Does not help the situation even the impressive strengthening of the national currency, which, in theory, would be followed by falling prices at the pump.

Note that just last month the American currency has fallen from 25.08 UAH. to 24.20 UAH./ But on the stelae gas stations such strengthening of the hryvnia is not affected.


According to the tankers, now the major factors that affect the pricing of fuel, a few:

  • purchase price;
  • the tax burden;
  • foreign currency exchange rates.

“Purchasing prices for oil, gasoline and diesel are showing stability with slight fluctuations, but the quotations of liquefied petroleum gas has went up. In particular, over the last two weeks a key indicator of LPG prices – Argus Brest – increased by $100. Accordingly, such growth will impact on retail prices,” – said the network of filling stations OKKO

Autogas is expensive most actively

According to the Consulting group “A-95”, today’s average prices in Ukraine on motor fuels, the following:

  • The “fifth” gasoline filling stations sell at 28,72 UAH./l (on premium gas station the price is 30,79 to 31,49 UAH./l);
  • “Diesel” traded average 28,15 UAH./L. (on premium gas stations – on of 29.79-29,90 UAH./l);
  • Autogas sold at 11,53 UAH./L. (on premium gas stations – 12,18-of 12.34 UAH./l).

Increasingly now more expensive liquefied gas. Over the last week, its cost has grown on average 9-10 cents. But at some gas stations the price tag of natural gas immediately went up to 17-20 cents per liter.

Due to the stabilization of the hryvnia, the currency factor is of no influence on prices. Is not a significant factor and a slump in demand for all types of petroleum products. It traditionally takes place every winter.

The formation of the price tags on stell filling stations, refueling closely watch both the exchange rate and the dynamics of world oil prices.


“Today, both factors are of equal weight and a reduction in the rate of the national currency, or the increase in prices by 5%, the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel increased by 0.8 grn./l, gas 0.4 grn./l. Accordingly, the dynamics of the price of oil in the winter will be determined by the dynamics of the factors mentioned above. But also the situation may affect implementation of the initiative on correction of the rates of excise duty on petrol, diesel and liquefied gas”, – noted in a press-service of the network of filling stations “Parallel”.

Therefore, say the tankers, to expect that gasoline will become cheaper following a falling dollar, it will be possible only in the case that this will contribute to the dynamics of oil prices. But now the depreciation is offset by their growth.

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In the longer term, the tankers expect that the most significant factor will be the taxes as of January 1, 2020 Ukraine should be changes in rates of excise duty on petroleum products. But to talk about specific numbers will be available only after final adoption and publication of the Budget code, according to the tankers.

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