New F-150: Rust before purchase

New F-150: Rust before purchase


In the US, buyers of the new Ford F-150 pickup trucks are complaining en masse about corrosion covering the exhaust system, axle and wheel hubs of the car.

According to the owner, they received cars like this from dealers, and they say that they received cars in a similar condition from the manufacturer.

According to the Detroit Free Press, complaints are coming from all over the country. In turn, Ford does not have specific specifics about the cause of rust on the new F-Series, but the company notes that surface corrosion affects only some parts and does not affect the performance of the car in any way.

“We take customer concerns seriously. Although the surface of the transmission elements can occasionally develop corrosion, which affects the technical and operational characteristics, “- said a Ford spokesman to Car and Driver.

It should be said that Ford F-Series is traditionally the most popular car in the American market, last year sales of cars of this family in the USA exceeded 787,000 units.

In addition, some time ago it was reported that the American corporation Ford demonstrated an updated Super Duty 2022 series pickup. It should be emphasized that the new model should go on sale this summer.

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